Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Thailand's forgotten blessing

Though many in Thailand are oblivious to it as a nation they are being blessed by an influx of Christians praying for the nation and sharing their Christian values to a hardened nation. Who are these Christians?  Thousands of Pakistani Christians who are attending churches and pray for their safety but pray for their host nation daily too. As Easter approaches the children who are present at our underground asylum seeker school which is now approaching it's third year, are preparing posters and banners so they can brighten up their condo and make the place more festive. Children will also be making Easter cards to share with ...

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Pakistani Christian Refugee builds restaurant business from scratch

A family in the dark.  Stephen Maqsood sits in a room without electricity praying for the next pay day. A Pakistani Christian refugee in Greece is seeking contracts from Charities helping asylum seekers to help him continue feeding his family and gain electricity for his home. Stephen Maqsood a married father with two children had to flee Pakistan after a man jealous of his success as a qualified nurse accused him of a blasphemy.   To avoid arrest Stephen rushed to another city where he stayed with a friend for a month while friends and his church helped him raise the money and organize a travel visa for a flight to Turk...

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Police and court failure in Pakistan lead to call for united protest for 12 year old murder victim Tania Mariyam

After a 12 year old child was found dead in a canal with strange froth in her mouth and trousers ripped in what looked like a rape, you would think local Police authorities would initiate a murder inquiry. Well in Pakistan that is far from the norm especially if you are a Christian.   Tania Mariyam was just such a victim when on 23rd January 2013, she was found dead in the Upper Chenab Canal. Read her full story (here) When Tania left home that morning her family never expected her to never return.  They have been running a campaign with help of the BPCA to gain justice for their daughter. Through a hard advocacy and awarene...

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Selfless brother and dedicated Christian campaigner who co-founded first Asian Christian Church in the UK dies suddenly.

Dr Mujeeb Ul Rehman Chowdhry B.A (Hons) M.A Dip Lib Sc FRAS (London) 19th July 1934 – 9th March 2017 RIP In pre-partition India on 19th July 1934 a first son was born to a Mr and Mrs Charag Uddin in the city of Sialkot, now in modern day Pakistan. For all intents and purposes Mujeeb Ul Rehman Chowdhry was a very normal child, his physical attributes were akin to the many other children born in the city, however time would reveal that he was one of the brightest minds to emerge from the city. Until the 8th year of his schooling Mujeeb would undertake his learning at CTI boarding School, where his father’s eldest brother was head t...

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Numbers of asylum seekers sailing through Mediterranean Sea from Turkey swells despite $6 billion EU payout

Image of centre operated by a local church that helps asylum seekers with food and counselling.   British Pakistani Christian Association Chairman, Wilson Chowdhry travelled to Greece after receiving reports of a growing number of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Athens.  Hilda Orr a long term friend of the BPCA who met with Wilson during a visit to speak at a conference in Belfast, and who then joined our first ever protest in Belfast shared concerns about Pakistani Christian asylum seekers who were homeless and destitute. Hilda is a long term volunteer in Greece on a self funded programme linked with a church in Greece.  The volunteer experienc...

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Boxing instructor fled Pakistan to escape persecution is now helping victims suffering in Bangkok's brutal detention centres

In January we were approached by Maqsood Iqbal a Pakistani Christian asylum seeker who has also managed to obtain a retirement visa in Thailand and needed help funding an extension. The visa enables him to live a more free existence without fear of arrest though he and his family are living in poverty as he is unable to work on the visa. In a discussion with Wilson Chowdhry, it was agreed that Mr Iqbal would deliver food for free to incarcerated Christians within the brutal IDC once a month. Each food package will also contain a short bible passage and study produced by local pastors to give victims comfort and an understanding that God is with...

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Job advert providing 14 cleaner roles for non-Muslims illustrates ongoing discrimination in Pakistan

A newspaper advert that clearly allocates Christians and other minorities access to sweeper roles has been condemned by International NGO's. The discriminatory actions of the Government of Punjab resulted in Jim Shannon, Chairman of the All Parliamentary Party for Religious Minorities writing to the Chief Minister of Punjab condemning this latest action. A copy of MP Jim Shannon's letter can be viewed (click here) The advert that was printed  in Jaang Newspapers Pakistan in February 2017 lists a number of forthcoming employment vacancies and calls for applicants to respond. The list is a multi-columned and mutli-rowed table a...

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Beleaguered blasphemy victim suffers more bail delay

The image shows the family of Mukhtar Masih. Mukhtar Masih a deprived Christian man of 70 from a small rural village named Lumbanwalai near the city of Gujaranwala, was arrested for blasphemy on 28th January 2017, after it was alleged quite bizarrely that a derogatory letter about Islam signed with him name had been pinned to a local mosque.  Read full story (click here) Please sign our petition against draconian blasphemy laws of Pakistan (click here) Mukhtar Masih's writing does not match the writing on the offending letter and he is obviously innocent, however he remains incarcerated while he awaits his blasphemy trial. ...

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Pakistan's unjust legal system fails 12 year old Christian murder victim Tania

On 23rd January 2017 the dead body of Tania Mariyam (12 yrs)  was found dead in Upper Chenab Canal after she went missing from school (click here).       Tania only days before her murder Sadly for the family, despite what they believe is clear evidence that Tania was murdered including alleged signs of poisoning and rape, local police refused to register a murder investigation and registered her death as a suicide. The post- mortem examination undertaken by the police  which deemed the death a suicide, did not involve any attempt to check for toxins, or rape and has been rejected as false by the fami...

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Asylum Seeker shot five times cannot prove he is escaping persecution!

By Rev Angleena The John family are committed Christians attending a Catholic Church in Negombo. The family claim that one of the sons Adan was employed at a private hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. He was a caretaker for patients, he had been assigned to take care of a gunshot wound patient. Once the patient was released he was asked to continue to care for him even at the female doctors home. The family allege the doctor was a member of the Islamic militant group called Lashare E Jangevi. Adnan witnessed many incidents whilst there and was asked to join the militant group and convert to Islam. He refused. On one occasion whe...

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