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Christians of Manchester demand freedom for Asia bibi at Pakistan Consulate

Dozens of protesters rallied outside the Pakistani Consulate in Manchester to call for freedom for Asia Bibi, Pakistan's long suffering and most famous blasphemy law victim. The protest was organised by Nelson Catholic Christians and the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) and called on Christians of all diversities to join the poor Asia's cause.   Christians arrived to the protest form as far afield as Huddersfield to show solidarity for Asia and many other persecuted Pakistani Christians.  At least 4 of the protesters were from the Polish community who read about Asia's plight on the BPCA website and d...

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Outraged Christians take to the streets of Birmingham and Manchester to condemn long term imprisonment of Asia Bibi, Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victim!

Several Pakistani Church Ministers are collaborating with the British Pakistani Christian Association, to call for freedom for Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victim. Date: 17th February 2017Time: 16:00 - 18:00Location: Pakistani Consulate, Pakistan House, 137 Dickenson Rd, Manchester M14 5JB Details: Visitors are kindly requested to bring candles.Date: 18th February 2017Time: 12:00 - 14:00Location: Pakistani Consulate,10A, The Wharf, Bridge Street, Birmingham, B1 2JS Event supported by: Pastor Ajmal Chaughtai, Saleem Dutt, Pervais Sardar, and Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the BPCA. Petitioners believe th...

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16 year old 'blasphemy' boy's appeal for bail rejected

A 16 year old boy arrested for blasphemy on 18th September 2016 has been refused bail. Nabeel Masih who is currently the youngest blasphemy convict in Pakistan was arrested under charges of blasphemy after being implicated for posting a derogatory image of Islam's most sacred site the pillar of Kabaah on social media site facebook (click here for original story). Mr Masih's team asserted that as a juvenile with no previous history of criminal activity, Nabeel Masih should be granted bail.  However a magistrate at Kasur Magistrates court rejected the plea on 7th February 2017. The Christian defence team have also stated...

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Man forced to flee his home in London after leaving Islam!

Faisal Bashir a 43 year old married man with two children is the latest public victim of apostasy hatred in the UK, in what is becoming a growing phenomena across Britain. (Guardian article) In 2014 he contacted the BPCA for help and support after he became disturbed by the hatred within Islam and strong messages of division that were being taught in local Ilford mosques.  He chose to stop practicing Islam but suddenly found himself being targeted by men from the local mosque. Faisal was living behind BPCA's offices at the time and his children attended many of our community centre projects including art, sport and dance workshops tha...

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Lahore bomb blast kills 13 people and injures 85 people including one Christian man

Image of amber Saroya with bomb survivor Suneel Masih. Six senior police officers and seven civillians were killed after a sucide bomb was detonated outside the Punjab Assembly in Lahore at 6pm Pakistan time (UK 12pm) Monday 13th February. A further 85 people were seriously wounded including a Christian man named Suneel Masih  (27 years) who was working as a sound engineer at a protest that was underway. It is believed that security forces were the main target of the attack and already Islamic extremism group Jamat-e-Islam has already claimed responsibility for the detonation. Apparently, a large group of chemists an...

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Still no justice for father murdered trying to retrieve kidnapped daughter

A Pakistani Christian girl known simply as Mehwish of only 14 years of age was kidnapped in March last year and forced into an Islamic marriage, after being sent to work as a domestic cleaner at the house of a Muslim man named Zahid Iqbal. Almost a year later she has still not been found despite the culprits being known.   Her father Tanveer Masih who tried to pay for her release by agreeing to pay a ransom and terminating his legal case against Mr Iqbal on return of his daughter, was shot dead only 3 months later. Seven bullets were shot through his body at close range leaving him to die a slow painful death. Read full story (click here) Plea...

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Outraged Christians in Scotland converge at Pakistan consulate to call for freedom for Asia Bibi!

Pastor Frederick D'Costa calls for freedom for Asia Bibi at Glasgow protest. Dozens of protesters converged outside the Pakistani Consulate in Glasgow to call for Freedom of Asia Bibi, Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victim.  They believe the Christian mother of five who has been jailed in Multan for over seven years should be set free. During a meeting with the First Minister at the Pakistani High Commission in London, Chairman of the BPCA, Wilson Chowdhry was informed that a date for Asia Bibi's Supreme court appeal  trial would be fixed by the end of March. An earlier appeal trial was postponed after a Judge on the day of...

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Charity tries to stir up dissension causing more pain to grieving father

A Pakistani Charity has tried to cause friction between the relatives of deceased Christian girl Tania and the British Pakistani Christian Association.   A few days ago Mr Kashif Nawab from a charity called Minority Rights Watch who we believe is a Muslim (we do not believe any Christians could be that ruthless) sent out a whats app message stating that BPCA had said that innocent Tania Mariyam who was only 12 was raped and drugged during a date.  An act which he states was designed to blight Pakistan's international reputation - as if the nation of Pakistan needs our help?  This is totally untrue and was intended to besmirch our...

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Free Easter hat and banner workshops for children of Redbridge during half term holidays

Image of children from SS Peter's and Paul's School, Gordon Road who participated at 2015 workshop. British Pakistani Christian Association in collaboration with Gateway Church Ilford, Ilford Seventh Day Adventist Church, Redeemed Christan Church of God Ilford, Eden Christian Centre, and Ilford Tamil Church will be holding free Easter fun workshops during the half term holidays. Children aged between 6- 13 will be taught how to make Easter hats and bonnets, banners and musical instruments from recycled material.   All participants will be invited to join us at the Easter Parade if parents permit, where they can display their wonderful creation...

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Outraged Christians protest outside Glasgow Pakistani Consulate calling for freedom of Asia Bibi

Several Pakistani Church Ministers are collaborating with the British Pakistani Christian Association, to call for freedom for Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victim. Date: Saturday 11th February 2017 Time: 12:00 - 14:00 Location: Pakistani Consulate, 45 Maxwell Dr, Glasgow G41 5JF Details: Protest will finish at 14:00 and a delegation will travel to Edinburgh to submit petition to Scottish Parliament. Event supported by:  Pastor Peter Gill, Pastor Aftab Gohar, Pastor William Phillip, Pastor Philip Teji, Pastor Fredrick Dacosta, Pastor, Pastor Harrison Summit, Pastor George Gill and Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the BPCA. ...

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