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Sherish and Farzana's family ready to battle for justice!


L-R  Mushtaq Gill, Ilyas Masih, Sherish and Farzana and two witnesses outside Jaranwala Court

In a brutal attack that lasted 14 hours and involved five men, two Christian girls were raped and brutalised by Muslim men, who told them to call upon their God to help them escape and told them that the rape ordeal they found themselves in was deserved for their adherence to the Christian faith.  The ordeal happened on November 14th 2014  for more details  (click here).

The girls were abducted while using a local field as a toilet, too poor to afford proper facilities as it would take more than two years of the family's combined income.  The  BPCA offered to help by building toilets for the family (click here), however, not being able to threaten the sisters anymore, led the friends and the family of the rapists to shoot at their home (click here).

We took the girls to safety and have been teaching them literacy and maths so they can help their families climb out of poverty (click here).  Since then we have also found them a legal counsel  (click here) and are about to move the rest of their family to a safe home.

Mushtaq Gill Advocate updated us on the legal trial:

The cancellation of bail petition no.3482/15 against Muhammed Azeem, one of the rapists of Sherish and Farzana, two Christians girls that were repeatedly raped and brutalised by five men, was fixed on 15th May 2015 in a Lahore High Court trial presided over by Justice Sardar Tariq Masood.

On this date the team of lawyers representing the accused man battled with BPCA partner lead attorney Mushtaq Gill and his team.  Both teams of attorneys set out their cases during which Mushtaq Gill pleaded for the evidence of the two sisters to be recorded away from the trial court in Jaranwala, he argued that the accused men and their cohorts are continuously extending threats towards witnesses for the victim sisters, their family and Mushtaq himself whose brother was shot (click here).

The lawyer of the accused  agreed to this undertaking  however Judge Sardar Tariq Masood directed the trial court to conclude the trial at Jaranwala court by 9th June 2015.  He warned Muhammed Azeem that any bad behaviour could lead to his immediate re-arrest and incarceration.  Judge Masood spoke directly to Mushtaq and instructed him to submit an application for cancellation of bail to the court should the accused or his cohorts create any further problems, advising Mushtaq that the court would send Muhammed Azeem back to jail immediately for any misdemeanour.

On 30th May 2015 the opening hearing was at trial court Jaranwala and the two sisters recorded their statements as did many of their witnesses including the complainant Ilyas Masih, father of the two sisters.

Police and the designated medical practitioners have also submitted their evidence, which has been duly recorded.The lawyer of the accused did not appear at the court, which has delayed the potential cross-examination also.  The next date for the trial court hearing has been fixed for 4th June by the Additional and Session Judge Asad Javaid.   

Mushtaq Gill remains confident that justice will prevail for the two sisters. he said:

"These girls have overcome an extremely brutal attack and their family harassed beyond measure.  My own brother was shot during our involvement in this case, an incident we believe is related.  These attackers believe they are above the law, but I hope to end their false sense of impunity."

Farzana said:

"My family and I have suffered so much, but we believe God will deliver us from our enemies.  These men thought they could attack us because we are weak Christians but we never gave up hope for justice and will pursue it knowing God will answer our prayers.

Chairman of the BPCA, Wilson Chowdhry said:

"When I first heard the plight of these girls and the 14 hour ordeal they suffered at the hand of five extremely evil men, I cried.  Their father has not given up the fight for justice and this family deserve it. Winning this case would end the pattern of impunity that has made our girls seem like easy targets to molesters, rapists and those seeking additional non-Muslim wives - that has led to 700 Christian girls being abducted, raped and forced into Islamic marriage each year.  Please with all your heart pray for justice for this family."

The BPCA have been able to take these girls into safe custody, we have assigned a hard working legal counsel and we are about to provide a temporary safe house for the rest of the family away from the hatred they faced in Jaranwala, simply for adhering to the Christian faith.  All this has been thanks to the generosity of our supporters. This work is not complete yet and we require more support if we are to rehabilitate this family so please pray for our work and continue to help with your donations.

Please Pray:
That the sisters and their family will 
receive justice.
For the continued strength, blessing and healing of the two girls.
For the family to escape poverty and to be beacons of hope for others facing similar hatred.

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With your support we hope to change the lives of millions of Christians in Pakistan.

The family and Mushtaq still believe that justice will prevail.  Please pray for God's protection over them.

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