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Desperate Pak-Christians in Thailand receive help from BPCA


The BPCA has been receiving aid requests from several people during the past few days. Our officer in Thailand, Christian Malik visited the homes of the asylum seekers affected to assess what was needed. BPCA helped pay medical bills, room rents and provided infant powdered milk and nappies to the families.

Surraiya Gill
Surraiya Gill, a 63 year old widow, had been diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes since becoming an asylum seeker Thailand.  This was gravely worrying to her as she has no means of supporting herself and cannot afford the vital, but expensive, medications she now needs. She recently had a fall while taking a bath and this further prompted her to contact our officer in Thailand, Christian Malik, to tell him of her desperate need.

No health insurance exists for Pak-Christians seeking asylum in Thailand, and they are charged twice the rates that local Thais would pay for any treatment or medication they receive. Consequently many do not see a doctor or take regular medication that they require for chronic health issues, nor do they attend to minor illnesses which then inevitably worsen.  After she fell, Surriya was very shaken and had no choice but to go to the ER to be examined. Seeing her desperate situation BPCA intervened and bought her one month's worth of medication.
Persecuted, banished from her homeland and left alone to survive the best she can, Suraiya waits for a miracle to happen in her life. A devout woman of great faith, Surraiya prayed with Christian Malik for Jesus to cleanse of her all illness and prayed for the Holy Spirit to act in her life.

Surriaya receives much needed medication from the BPCA

Adeel Masih
Adeel Masih, a 28 year old man who had a paralysis attack last month, had been bailed out of the IDC but was subsequently unable to find any work.  He is very stressed and his daughters are suffering from malnutrition. As a result of the paralysis attack he was hospitalised and doctors had to help him regain consciousness. He needed further tests to ascertain what was wrong, but he could not afford them and had been waiting for 10 days when the BPCA learnt of his desperate situation and stepped in to help .  Adeel was very thankful and considers this a miracle in his life. Now Adeel awaits the results and we pray for his speedy recovery and for him to find work as he is the sole bread winner in the family.

Adeel Masih with his wife and daughters.

Adeel Masih required a biopsy and further tests.

Babra Shafqat
Babra Shafqat's husband Shafqat Nasir died on 18th August 2015, aged 47 after fighting a long battle with Tuberculosis.  We are disappointed about this as we did put out an appeal but donations did not reach a level where we could support him as the treatment is quite expensive. After he died the family requested funds to send his body back to Pakistan but the BPCA could not help them with this task because the burden on existing funds would be too onerous.  However our officer Christian Malik took the initiative to visit churches and individuals in order to raise the funds needed and was successful in doing so.  The BPCA was able to make a small contribution.
Babra  recalls her happy life in Pakistan as a human rights activist but soon after they arrived in Thailand they struggled financially, and increasingly during her husband's illness as they were unable to pay his medical bills. She had borrowed money from her Muslim neighbours while her husband was undergoing medical treatment and now she is stressed and ashamed as she hasn't been able to repay them.  She was two months in arrears with her room rent so we paid £130 to secure her shelter. Babra was arrested by the immigration police along with 150 other people when they raided Delight Condo on 10th September.  Please pray for widow Babra Shafqat as she copes with the emotional trauma of losing her husband, the stress of living hand to mouth, and the recent brutal incarceration she endured.

Babra Shafqat filling the forms to receive aid from BPCA

Aqsa Uffaz

We were contacted by a private donor on behalf of Aqsa Uffaz who has been living in Thailand since 2013. Aqsa recalls her happy life in Pakistan as a teacher and is very worried about their current situation.  Aqsa’s 26 year old husband Uffaz has been recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and their 10 month old daughter Zea was diagnosed with pneumonia soon after she was born. As a result of her early illness, Zea could not be breastfed and has to take a special infant formula milk. Aqsa had requested BPCA to help her with the infant powdered milk and nappies for her baby since she is often suffering from diarrhea. The BPCA helped fulfil the requirements of baby Zea with a total cost of £28 and we pray that Zea will have a healthy supply of milk and nappies in the days to come. We are also grateful that Aqsa and Uffaz were not captured when the immigration police recently raided their building.

Infant powdered milk and nappies for baby Zea.

Cyril Kamran

BPCA responded to a request from a private donor. The request was for Cyril who had terminal stage Lymphoma cancer and his father Hector Williams, 76, who is suffering from a chronic renal failure and congestive heart failure and needs dialysis every week. The private donor couldn’t afford the overwhelming medical expenses alone and requested that we assist the family. We at the BPCA helped the family to buy a digital blood pressure monitor so they could constantly monitor 76 year old Hector Williams' blood pressure. The monitor cost £30 and the BPCA was happy to assist another victim in this time of turbulence. We pray for Cyril, Hector and their family who have the trauma of staying in a very tense situation in Bangkok, as immigration often raid their building and they have stay hidden in their rooms.

Digital blood pressure monitor

Parveen Sattar
Parveen Sattar, a widow in her 60s, requested our help as she couldn’t afford her medication this month, and as a result she fainted and fell in the road on her way home. Christian went with Parveen to get her checked for rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension and gastric pains.. We pray that God will provide her with enough strength to survive through this time of tribulation. 

Parveen Sattar at Ratchawihi hospital waiting to get checked by the doctor.

Anam Umair
Anam Umair, along with her husband and 2 children, has been in Thailand since 2012. Their savings have been drained and they struggle now to make ends meet. Umair, Aqsa’s husband, was an Anglican priest in Hyderabad and was a target of persecution from Islamic extremists. We paid one month's rent for the family as their room rent was unpaid for September, and they asked the BPCA for assistance.  We pray that Anam and her family can soon move to a third country and escape from their horrendous situation.

Anam with her husband Umair and their 2 children.

Asif Nobel

Asif Nobel had recently run into problems and asked his friends on Facebook for help. He was told about BPCA by one of his British friends, and so he contacted us and explained his needs. BPCA agreed to pay one month's rent which was a joyful moment for Asif. BPCA prays for Asif and his family who are in desperate need.

Asif with his wife and daughter. 

Christian Malik paying rent to the building owner.

Robin Riaz

Robin Riaz and his wife Sumera previously received help from BPCA to pay for his daughter’s medical bills, infant powdered milk and nappies. His daughter was born when his wife had Tuberculosis which means she needs monthly medication. BPCA prays for the healthy recovery of Robin’s daughter as they continue to go through the arduous asylum process in Bangkok. 

Robin Riaz with the medical bill for his baby daughter.

Christian Malik said:

"I have visited so many victims yet there are hundreds more that so desperately need your help.  Many victims have died since the start of the year from treatable conditions and curable illnesses, and even now people suffering with diabetes, cancer, hypertension are seeking medical assistance.  If you feel a burden to help then please pray and send in donations that in Gods's mighty name we might bring improvement into the lives of the many repersecuted Christians in Thailand"

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Christians continue to grow stronger in faith in this time of turbulence.

Christian paying room rent for victims at Delight Condo Pracha uthit 75.

Diabetes medicine for 26 year old Uffaz Shah. People have been traumatised and live under constant fear of being detained. 
Due to extreme stress many have been diagnosed with various medical illnesses at a young age.

Diapers and infant powdered milk for baby Zea.

Christian with Adeel Masih after his biopsy.

Christian buying nappies and infant powdered milk for baby Zea. 
Christian paying medical bills at Ratchawithi hospital.

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