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UK Pakistani Convert Attacked and Hospitalised for his Faith


 Nissar Hussain, a Christian convert from Islam, hospitalised due to intolerant Muslim neighbours who refuse to allow him to live his life as a Christian.

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See our previous article here detailing the persecution Nissar Hussain and his family have been subjected to while living in their home in Bradford, UK.

Nissar Hussain and his family have, to date, faced around 15 years of almost relentless persecution. This has taken many forms including: an arson attack which forced them to relocate; intimidation; a mob gathering outside their house; false accusations against Nissar; threats to the women; assaults; verbal abuse; stones through their living room windows; and countless cars destroyed.

Such a campaign of violence and intimidation would naturally lead one to speculate if this family were perhaps particularly antisocial neighbours or leading lives of crime. What could possibly provoke such prolonged local hatred and intolerance? They are Pakistani Christian converts. 

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Nissar and his wife Kubra decided to follow Christ in 1996, and have brought each of their five children up as Christians. Although they knew that they would face fierce opposition from their Pakistani Muslim families if they converted, they could not imagine how hard life would become for them in their local neighbourhood simply for changing their faith. Alarmingly, this family do not live in Pakistan, where sadly such religious intolerance is common, but here in the UK.

The BPCA recently reported on the Hussain family's case (see link above) and we continue our appeal for funds to enable them to move out of the area and escape further persecution. Regrettably since our report matters have escalated and Nissar has been attacked.

Yesterday evening (Tuesday 17th November ) at 5pm, Nissar Hussain left home to drive his car to the local police station, where he has had to park these past few months due to several cars being smashed when parked near his home.
Before he even managed to reach the car door, two hooded men stepped out of a parked car, a third man remaining at the wheel.
As soon as they spotted Nissar they attacked him from behind beating him with a cricket bat, kicking and punching him until they were spotted by a passerby who, upon seeing Nissar sprawled on the ground, ran after the two attackers who promptly jumped into a moving vehicle and sped off.

As a result of this unprovoked assault Nissar has been left with a fractured kneecap; a fractured left hand; and extensive bruising all over his body. Due to the severity of these injuries to his knee and hand he has had to undergo surgery.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the BPCA, said:

"Nissar Hussain has been subjected to the most horrific abuse and violence for 15 years simply for choosing to renounce Islam. His freedom of choice in the UK has been totally undermined, in direct contravention of Article 18 of the Human Rights Act, and there have been failures by police and other statutory authorities to provide the safety he deserves as a citizen of Britain. His concern has more often than not been registered as a neighbourly dispute rather than a hate crime, illustrating the need for a study into the extent of such crimes and more adequate response."

Please Pray:

For a full and speedy recovery for Nissar.

His attackers will be caught and brought to justice

Protection for Nissar and his family.

Relocation will be possible very soon in order that they can finally live their lives free of harrassment and persecution.

Provision for the family and that jobs would be found in the new area.

We will continue to do all we can to help Nissar Hussain and his family to escape this life of shocking persecution in the UK, but we can't do it without you. Please pray and give what you can to enable them move to on to a life free from harrassment and religious hatred.

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