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Muslim man charged for raping vulnerable teenage Christian girl


A teenage Christian was raped by a Muslim man only metres away from her home.  After evidence stacked up against him the Muslim rapist gave himself up to police realizing he could not escape justice.

16-year-old  Sonia a student at Government High School in Sadar, was attacked on her way back from a Salvation Army church meeting.  Sonia and two sisters from the local community were part of the worship team at her church and were required to go on regular practice sessions.  As usual on 7th July 2016 the three girls walked to church - which was one hundred yards from their home, for their regular training.  However on this trip the church was found locked so the three teenage girls decided to return home.  Apparently Captain Jameel Inayat had gone to meet a parishioner in an emergency and returned 10 minutes late, sadly just missing the arrival of the girls.

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On their return journey towards home the two sisters accompanying Sonia broke off and entered their home which arrived before Sonia's.  Sonia had to travel a further 20m to her own home through some narrow twisting channels.  In one of the alleyways only 3 metres from her home a Muslim man named Mohammed Iqrar Abbas (22 years) grabbed Sonia and dragged her into his home, which was located opposite her house.  

Mr Abbas locked his door from inside after bundling Sonia inside and in her hysteria started screaming and shouting.  Mr Abbas responded by clasping his large hands across her mouth nose restricting her breathing.  At this point Sonia thought she was going to die and terror consumed her. She stopped the screaming in fear for her life and the man emboldened by her silence then proceeded to rape her, an ordeal she tells us she will never forget.  

Sonia started screaming again and struggled as hard as she could but she was too frail to dent the force of the larger, bulkier and much stronger Muslim rapist.  All the windows and doors to his home house were shut preventing the sound of her wailing from reaching those who might help. Very little sound was emitted into the street meaning nobody heard her violent and brutal attack. Moreover the attack took place at 10am when most homes were empty as the people in the community where at work.

After Mr Abbas had completed his sordid rape of the innocent Christian girl he released her from his home.  Sonia rushed home and told her sister-in-law Sumeera what had happened.  Summera immediately sent a message across to her mother Seema Bibi and father Nassir Masih, who were out working as labourers in a rice field. They quickly rushed home to comfort and counsel their daughter.

Copy of Police First Incident Report (FIR)

Sonia's uncle Fiaz Maish, who works at a brick kiln was called and he connected the family with a political candidate Chowdry Monam Zia Sandhu, a Muslim man who often helps the suffering Christian community.   Together they went to the Police station and ensured that a First Incident Report (FIR) was registered against the rapist.  The police also sent the family to have a medical examination for Sonia.

After a few hours the medical report arrived and supported the allegation of rape. The police acted upon this and for the next two days raided the home of Mr Abbas but failed to locate him. On 10th July 2016 Irfan Dogar the existing Member of National Assembly (MNA) for the local area, presented Mr Abbas to the police, explaining that Mr Abbas had contacted MNA Irfan Dogar and told of his looming arrest, to which Irfan suggested he gives himself up to Farooqabad Police Station via the ajniawala Chowky (small depot) near his home. 

In a very bizarre situation Mr Abbas admitted his culpability in the crime of rape at the police station and was remanded for three days. At a magistrates court on 15th July 2016 Mr Abbas again admitted his guilt and he was immediately placed under judicial remand until a session court case will be heard to determine the length of his sentence. 

Mr Abbas has been remanded under section 376 of the Pakistani Penal Code:

376. Punishment for rape
(1) Whoever commits rape shall be punished with death or imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than ten rears or more, than twenty-five years and shall also be liable to fine.
Christian Politicians have all declared support for the family but not one of them has actually visited the family despite a flurry of reports of their assistance. The family of Sonia feel extremely let down by this. They apparently tried to meet them but were prevented access.  We have been told by the family that instead of meeting with them the Christian politicians chose to meet with Muslim politicians to discuss the case.

Sonia's father  Nassir Masih, spoke with Kanwal Amar of the BPCA. He said:

"Mr Abbas is an evil beast who stole my daughters honour.  All Sonia wanted to do was to worship God and in doing so has suffered great pain.  But our God is a protector and her evil attacker has lost his freedom for his sin.  One day he will have to answer to God too."

Police Senior House Officer (SHO) Mehrar Rab Nawaaaz spoke to BPCA's Kanwal Amar.  He said:

"Justice has been served a cruel and brutal man has been incarcerated for a heinous crime and will face a long time in prison for his crime."

Kanwal Amar a BPCA officer who met Sonia and family, said:

"The traumatic attack and rape of this innocent child will no doubt leave her scarred for life.  No length on incarceration of the attacker will ever ease her pain.  The simple act of walking home from her church caused her to meet the lowest point of her life and Sonia still remembers every evil moment.  As a group we will continue to console and counsel our sister."

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the BPCA, said:

"Justice was met for this family due to apparent remorse or no way out for an evil rapist. Unlike so many victims before this man confessed his crime and for that he will receive a stiff sentence.  However this does not cloud the fact that in so many similar attacks the perpetrator of crime escapes without conviction. This watershed moment will hopefully remove the belief amongst the Mulsim community that Christian girls enter into consensual sex and then declare foul play - a total fallacy. In 2014 a Muslim NGO estimated that Christians girls are kidnapped, raped and forced into Islamic marriage at the rate of 700 per year, we believe the figure should be at least twice as high."

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British Pakistani Christian Association has been supporting Sonia and her family through their terrible ordeal.  The family still need your help.  Sonia needs further counselling sessions and solicitors fees are required for the impending Session Court hearing for which the family will also need travel fees.  If you would like to help by donating please (click here)

Sonia Masih another Christian rape victim.

Sonia with her mother Seema Bibi

Sonia Bibi with her mother Seema Bibi and her siblings standing alongside Kamal Amar BPCA Officer, Captain Jameel Inayat (Salvation Army Pastor) and uncle Fiaz Masih

Sonia Bibi with Kamal Amar

The house of rapist Mr Abbas and door on right is to room where Sonia was raped. 

Cloth covered entrance to Sonia's home.

Pastor Jameel Inayat praying for the family 

Copy of medical examination certificate which supported rape allegation

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