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Finally troops are drafted into Ilford


Armed troops have finally been drafted to protect the people of ilford.  Today two armed military personnel were seen at the Army Training Barracks on Gordon Road Ilford. 

Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, Wilson Chowdhry, said:

"I really don't care about people that find our British military personnel offensive.  For me in the current climate they are an essential element in the fight against terrorism in Ilford.

"Clearly Ilford has become a hotbed of Islamic extremism and if it takes serious gestures like this to remove the social malaise from our community then so be it.

"Our troops are all heroes and deserve great credit for their bravery and commitment to keeping others safe. They  protect Queen and country without thought to their own safety. "

In recent days Ilford has become a central focus for police investigations into the London Bridge Terrorist Attack.  Already 4 arrests have been made from the local area and a video showing the trio involved in the attack frequenting a local dojo named 'Ummah Gym' has highlighted a rise in radicalization locally (click here).

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