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Britain has become a war zone say's BPCA Chairman


Smoldering remnant of Parsons Green incendiary device.

After another terrorist attack injured 18 innocent people travelling on the London Underground, BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry expressed his fear that Britain had become a war zone.

Today at around 8.20 an incendiary device was activated on a District Line train at Parsons Green station.  Hundreds of passengers fled away from the area in a panic.  18 people were taken to hospital by emergency services and a further 4 people later self admitted themselves to a hospital, it was reported by the BBC.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said:

"I am praying for the victims of this attack, may God restore their physical bodies and minds leaving no significant scar. Without a doubt our brave emergency services deserve heaps of praise for their efforts, bravery and mental strength during this difficult year.

"London has now suffered 5 major terrorist attacks in 2017 and It is challenging to absorb that all this violence is happening - sometimes we process the dynamic of this information latently until a trigger sparks off a reaction. 

"That trigger for me is being far away form my family during this most recent attack. I am in Australia highlighting the plight of Pakistani Christians who are amongst the most persecuted people on earth.  However in recent months the people of Britain have only during two years 1974 and 1975,had more bomb attacks, though one more year will equal that reprehensible record bequeathed to the IRA.

"Only during the Sabotage Campaign during 1939 - 1940 have we seen a larger number of terrorist attacks then the years mentioned - however the 300 or so attacks yielded only 7 dead and 96 injured, a fatality figure already overtaken by terror events this year.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the perpetrators of the recent bomb attacks believe they are at war with Britain, for many of them the country of their birth or at least designated nationality.

"Their religious zeal has taken away the last scrap of love they have for our wounded nation.  

"Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is calling for calm and today, and said: 'London will never be intimidated or defeated by terrorism', but that is just balderdash. As I watch of from afar I fear for the safety and future of my children. They are now helplessly exposed to the whim of terrorists and I feel no calm whatsoever."

"We simply must increase the levels of policing in our country, our police force must be able to cope with the growing radicalization of Muslims throughout Britain - a known phenomena that is being totally ignored by our politicians.

"More should be done to root out mosques that preach hatred, laws should be developed to banish perpetrators of terrorism and involvement in illegal wars such as IS campaigns - such crimes should be tried under tougher treason laws.  

"I don't want to cause rifts between communities and in no way do I believe all Muslims are potential terrorists.  However, it is not an 'Our Father' that is shouted before the terrorists enact their violence and we have to be bold enough to speak the truth if we want to see this malaise disappear."

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