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Aleeza Arrives safely at Agha Khan Hospital and begins treatment


Aleeza Ashraf the youngest victims of the Quetta Church Bomb attack is fighting to save her life and with your help we have been able to help get her to Karachi for emergency treatment. The child survivor of only 1.5 year has had her right foot removed to due to a severe gangrene infection that still threatens to take her life and BPCA has paid a £700 deposit for the requisite private treatment needed to save her at Agha Khan Hospital in Karachi.

Doctors have already started treatment and it is hoped she will have a full recovery albeit without the use of a right foot, however she is still considered to be in critical condition and your prayers are necessary.

The total cost of treatment is estimated at £3703 and BPCA need your help to cover theses costs to help her. If your would like to donate then please do so by clicking (here)

Below we have some images of the initial phase of her treatment which may be quite disturbing and are very graphic.  Please do not read any further if you may find this difficult.

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