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Child survivor of Quetta Church bomb attack Aleeza is in a more stable position but requires prosthetics and ongoing treatment


On the 5th of January Aleeza Ashraf (1.5 yrs) a child survivor of the Quetta Church bomb attack was rushed by BPCA to Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi (click here).

The young victim became one of Pakistan's youngest amputees when her foot was severed from off her left leg after unclean wounds were allowed to fester at Civil Hospital in Quetta, where she has received initial treatment. Doctors informed the family that to save her life she would require emergency treatment at a more specialist hospital and named Agha Khan Hospital in Karachi as her best option.

A group called PMSL paid for a portion of the flight tickets and BPCA covered the rest of the costs, including a donation from a group of Australian Pak-Christians spurred on by Shahzad one of our BPCA (Australia) Trustees.

On the 11th Jan 2018.at around 7:00 pm Mehwish Bhatti met Aleeza at the hospital and found Aleeza in good mood.  Aleeza calmly lay at rest after a series of very rigorous wound cleansing and restitching. 

A team of doctors with various expertise have been monitoring Aleeza's health she was admitted as a patient for orthopaedic and general surgery in the paediatric ward. On her first day of admission she had to undergo debridement (removal of dead and infected areas) of her amputated leg. A blood sample was taken she was given regular nursing care every three hours for the first three days as she was still considered critical. 

A stoma (hole for diverting flow or urine and faeces) was created on her abdomen due to an infected stomach.  She had to undergo several debridement surgeries under general anaesthesia after the first day of admission, till doctors were satisfied that all infected regions on her body had been removed. . Doctor Pervez Qureshi head of orthopaedic surgery was the main surgeon for Aleeza's care.

Currently she has responded to the treatment and she is vitally stable.After two or three days it is expected that Aleeza will be discharged  she will be discharged from Hospital.  The family has been advised to stay in Karachi for the next three to four months so that the can attend further monitoring sessions at the hospital. Her abdominal and leg wound will take time to heal and doctors have asked the parents to ensure the child is placed in an environment of little strain.

Doctors have proposed introducing an artificial limb for Aleeza to help with mobility issues and to help her recover from her wounds. A small gut operation will also have to take place after three months to bring Aleeza back to normal potty routine through natural processes, an operation that will involve further costs for the specialist care in the future. Family of Aleeza are very thankful for all those who helped save Aleeza's life. She has informed us that she will be praying for all the groups, donors and supporters that have made this operation possible.

Aleeza is required to undergo further specialist medical care and you can help us ensure she gets it by donating (here)

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