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The rape and sodimization of a 7 year old child who was dumped on rubbish pile causes unrest in Pakistan


The death of a 7 year old girl in Kasur, Pakistan has led to international condemnation of the lacklustre police in Pakistan, who are being blamed for their inaction after the child was reported missing.

Zainab Ansari has become the focus of an international social media campaign for justice and has dominated much of the international media as bungling police officers in Pakistan are no nearer the arrest of a culprit 5 days since her dead body was found placed brazenly on a rubbish pile (Tuesday 9th January).

Chilling video footage of Zainab walking quite calmly with an unidentified male figure hours after she went missing on Thursday 4th January have provided a clue that will hopefully lead to the arrest of the culprit. 

10 other similar kidnap, rapes and murder have occurred in the last year and many of them are believed to be connected with similar DNA for a suspected unknown culprit, having been found on at least 6 victims.

The only survivor from the serial killer's victims is a 6 year old child named Quainat  who went missing in November whilst buying some yoghurt. She was found barely alive in a graveyard and is now said to be paralysed from the neck down and as a consequence unable to speak.

Mass demonstrations have led to police shooting dead to protesters and many complaints have been lodged regarding unwarranted police brutality and violence.  The father of Zainab has said the protests were peaceful till police officers started shooting. He believes the police shooting was an attempt by police to thwart the large scale demonstration that questioned their competence and professionalism.

Shahbaz Shariff Chief Minister for the Punjab has offered a 10m rupee reward for information that leads to the capture of the serial killer.  Moreover on Saturday he gave a 24 hour ultimatum to security forces for the capture of the killer - a target that was beyond them.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said:

"As a father of three daughters one of whom is seven I find this heinous kidnap and murder one that is extremely distressing. Video footage of tiny Zainab as she held the hands of her abductor, rapist and killer, unaware of the brutal fate that was about to befall her is excruciatingly painful. 

"My seven year old daughter asked me whether the killer would be caught and I had to explain to her that knowing the corrupt police force in Pakistan, it was highly unlikely.  When she asked about what rape meant I had to steer away from anything graphic, I simply explained that evil adults may want to touch children in places that are private and sometimes do worse; an uncomfortable but necessary warning to a very innocent mind.  

"Thankfully crimes of this nature are to some extent less frequent in Britain and we have a police force that will attempt to catch the culprits.  Accounts from protesters  who were arrested while calling for justice for Zainab describing bribes they paid to gain their freedom, suggests that the local police are still to understand the scale of global scrutiny they are under.  Moreover it is a painful reminder of the corruption that has made the word justice a laughable concept in Pakistan.

"Worse still that fact that it took a social media campaign for a serial killer to be found out and to trigger an appropriate level of investigation, is the most damning indictment of the 'keystone cops' whom Pakistan rely on for their community safety.

Mr Chowdhry, added:

"My thirteen year old daughter Hannah who has been volunteering for the BPCA, asked me if the sudden alert response to Zainab's murder would have any impact on the investigations of child rapes and murders on Christians in Pakistan.  I had to answer honestly and said that I don't believe it will especially none of the Christian girls that have gone missing from Kasur have been named.  That is because Police have not listed them and often they are forced into Islamic marriage (click here)

"In 2014, a Muslim NGO reported that 700 Christian girls are abducted, raped and forced into Islamic marriage every year, that is the equivalent of two per day, yet the world stays silent.  

"Moreover, when a Christian is subjected to a crime it is not just police apathy and corruption Christians have to overcome, there is also the strange obstacle of Muslim chagrin insinuating that 'Islamophobic' Christians allege crimes for pecuniary interests, or to target Muslims - as if rather than being dominant they were somehow marginalized.  A sadly commonly held myth held by the majority of Muslims in Pakistan who assume Christian victims are deserving of the treatment they receive or are not telling the truth. Christians are expected to stay silent and know their place. 

"Furthermore with many mosques in Pakistan preaching that a special place in heaven is awaiting those who rape and force non-Muslim girls into Islamic marriage, crimes of these nature are often ignored by communities who believe it is a comeuppance for Christians and other minorities.  It is exactly this forbearance of hatred and debauchery and the ongoing Islamic sexual repression found in Pakistan that has contributed to the catastrophic levels of rape in the country.

"In 2015 Pakistan was rocked with the revelations of a huge child sex scandal in which over 400 videos of 280 children forced to be filmed undertaking sexual and lewd acts by around 25 men, became a historic and infamous milestone for the country.  The same sexually deviant behaviour that has exported to the UK which itself has been rocked with similar grooming gangs in operation across the UK, masterminded by Pakistani Muslims.

"I pray that Pakistan will finally as a nation recognise the error of its ways and even go as far as apologizing to it's suffering minority Christians. 

Amazingly Mala Yousfazai has never challenged the persecution faced by the Christian minority in Pakistan - she is not a voice for our community.  We will not be limited in the same fashion and we unite with our Muslim brothers and sisters [As we always do] in condemning this latest murder of an innocent child. 

Zainab deserves justice as does every victims of rape and or murder in Pakistan.
May God bring solace to all those who have suffered."

Saiba and her family

In January 2017, 3 year old Saiba was raped by a Muslim man and left in the courtyard of her home bleeding and naked after her 10 year old brother had been sent by the neighbour to fetch some cigarettes. The rapist escaped justice as police refused to investigate until the BPCA and other NGO's forced them to initiate an investigation. The rapist is still to be convicted of the crime and may escape justice through paying a bribe (click here).  In the meanwhile Saiba's mother has been told that her child's reproductive organs will probably never function properly.

Shazia Bashir

On January 10th 2010, BPCA reported on a riot involving over 300 Muslim lawyers who smashed police vehicles and law courts (click here) as they demanded the release of a brutal murderer Muhammed Naem.  Mr Naem was a former president of the Lahore Bar Association who was implicated with clear evidence for the crime of brutally beating, starving, raping with his son and then murdering a Christian domestic servant Shazia Bashir (12 yrs). (click here) Christian solicitors were threatened so severely they failed to attend the court and the murderer was set free after the case was dismissed .


"On Easter Sunday 2014 a seven year old girl named Saira was raped in Sialkot, the perpetrator was later set free." (click here)

Sherish and Farzana

Sherish and Farzana were both abducted at gun point in Jaranwala and subjected to a brutal violent attack and rape and told 'they deserved it for being non-Muslim Kaffir (click here).  There rapists family fired gun shots at their home to prevent the case going to court, however they boldly continued the case.  The charges of rape were later dropped as witnesses terrified by threats failed to arrive at the court - police provide no witness protection programme. 

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