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Now three years old the youngest survivor of the 2017 Quetta Bomb attack needs our help to gain a new limb.


During the Quetta Bomb attack in 2017 an 18 month old child narrowly escaped death thanks to the help of our regular supporters.  Not only did we pay for an operation to remove a gangrene infection but we also stayed in contact with the family and have bene very much a part of Aleeza's life since.

When the family needed a prosthetic limb for Aleeza we not only coordinated with the private hospital but paid for all the necessary treatment and travel for mother and child to complete the transplant. 

Aleeza is a growing child and as you can imagine the non-living prosthetic limb will need continual replacement to meet the requirements of the growing living tissue of Aleeza's right leg. Some of you may need a reminder of Aleeza's progress since the bomb attack and I share the previous article on her intial limb replacement (click here).

Aleeza prosthetic leg was last upgraded last year in the month of June and she has been enjoying full independence since BPCA helped her get physically mobile.  Below you can see a video of young Aleeza as she dances at a wedding the family was invited to.  She looks confident as she struts her stuff on the dance floor for sure but to maintain her mobility she will now need to install a new prosthetic limb next month.  

The total cost for the new leg will be £233 and we also need to raise £280 for travel and board for mother and child as the only hospital which can undertake this specialized treatment is Aga Khan hospital in Karachi. Aleeza is the youngest survivor from the Quetta Bomb attack and inspires BPCA officers immensely. Her joy and confidence despite the disability imposed upon her by extremists is a testament to us all.

If you feel moved to help towards Aleeza's limb please donate by clicking (here)

When we consider the state of Aleeza when we first got to know about her, we can't help but think that every penny we have spent on her so far has been really worth it.  I remind you all of her near death situation when suffering with a gangrene infection, which can be viewed through this video here:

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