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1.  Hindu girl forced into Islamic Marriage by Pakistani Courts!

KARACHI: Yesterday Sindh High Court ruled that a Hindu girl Angeli Maghward who had been kidnapped and forced into Islamic marriage by a Mr Riaz Sial a Muslim, was legally married. The parents of the girl

2.  Another three year old Christian girl raped

, and a few months ago five year old Sumbal was snatched and raped off a city street. It is not clear whether the girl was a Christian, although Christian activists have been among those protesting over the case. A year

3.  Easter day rape of 7 year old Pakistani Christian girl!

&SiteSearchID=2867&CAT_Search=girl&SE=True)that was raped in Pakistan. The report was received from Advocate Mushtaq Gill and is copied in verbatim: Sialkot: On Easter Day, Saira,a Christian girl (7 yrs), was raped

4.  Concern grows for Pak-Christian girl kidnapped, raped and forced into Islamic marriage!

they returned for their daughter they were threatened with violence and warned not to say anything as the girl was now property of Muhammed Nazir who had married her after she had allegedly accepted Islam. Our officer Mehwish

5.  Adolescent Christian girl forcibly converted and married to Muslim man

Sana's family (further images at bottom of page) A Christian girl from New Miana Pura Roras Road, Sikandarpura, near Sialkot, has joined the growing list of adolescents to have been forcibly converted to Islam

6.  Pakistani Christian school girl raped, killed and thrown into a canal!

12 year old Christian girl found murdered, evidence points to the girl having been drugged and raped. Please help us catch the monster who did this! On 23rd January 2017 Johnson (21 yrs) dropped his 12 year old

7.  Christian girl killed for shrugging off advances of wealthy Muslim boys

A Christian girl has been killed after she and two friends shrugged of the advances of some young drunken Muslim men from one of the elite areas of Lahore, Defence Colony. Kiran (17 years), Shamroza (18 years

8.  Domestic servant girl murdered and raped but deprived family accept bribe for their loss

A Pakistani Christian girl of only 17 years was viciously beaten to death in Kamoke in the district of Gujranwala on 5th May 2018, for apparently not having completed her chores properly. Kainat Salamat

9.  Muslim man charged for raping vulnerable teenage Christian girl

Christian girl he released her from his home. Sonia rushed home and told her sister-in-law Sumeera what had happened. Summera immediately sent a message across to her mother Seema Bibi and father Nassir Masih, who were out

10.  Christian boys marriage to a Muslim girl causes torture of family and his arrest - despite conversion to Islam to avert persecution!

and tortured by Policemen and other extremists in Multan, on 16th October 2014. The policemen entered his home by climbing over the perimeter walls in order to arrest Akram, because he was in marriage with a Muslim girl, Maria