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11.  Christian boys marriage to a Muslim girl causes torture of family and his arrest - despite conversion to Islam to avert persecution!

and tortured by Policemen and other extremists in Multan, on 16th October 2014. The policemen entered his home by climbing over the perimeter walls in order to arrest Akram, because he was in marriage with a Muslim girl, Maria

12.  Sadistic rape and killing of Shazia Bashir a 12 year old Christian girl in Pakistan

for the child and her family. The accused Lawyer smirks in a photograph. Last night we heard of the tragedy that has befallen the nation of Pakistan. It has been alleged that Shazia Masih a 14 year old Christian Girl

13.  8 year old girl beaten and locked in her school washrooms for daring to use toilet meant for Muslim girls only!

://www.ofnothing.co.uk/blog/local-pastor-prays-for-success-of-ex-nihilo-a-new-christian-run-design-and-print-company) The untouchable status of Christians in Pakistan became very apparent in recent days when an 8 year old girl

14.  Brazen abduction of Christian girl in broad daylight by two masked Muslim men sparks concern over her safety!

away my daughter, I am devastated. Maryam was a good intelligent hard working girl, she went back to college to improve her chances for employment so that she could support her family. The kidnappers have destroyed her

15.  Depraved stalker who raised knife at Police officer continues to threaten life of 17 year old Christian girl

not leave her home for a whole year and as a result fell seriously ill and became depressed. Mr Babbas, a grown man fixated on this innocent girl, visited the home of Samina's family daily and yelled out crude

16.  Saima Masih a fifteen year old Christian girl becomes latest victim of forced Islamic marriage.

A fifteen year old Christian girl Saima Masih became the latest victim of abduction, rape and forced Islamic marriage in Pakistan, when she was kidnapped on 3rd January 2015. Saima and her family were worshipping

17.  Two weeks too late.. Pakistani police finally register murder case for slain 12 year old Christian girl

International pressure from social media activists who helped BPCA highlight the murder of a Christian girl of 12 who had been drugged, raped and murdered, has led to a police retreat from their original claim

18.  14 year old Christian Girl abducted from parents home at gun point!

were told that they would not see Maria again and were warned not to tell the police of the kidnap or they would be killed. Men outside the home could be heard shouting "have you got the girl yet

19.  Canadians rally for protection for girl threatened with death for pursuing sexual harassment case against Pakistan Embassy.

Maherwar Ishaq Canadian citizens are gathering outside the legislative assembly building of Alberta in the capital city of Edmonton on Saturday. They gather to call for asylum for a beleaguered Christian girl who

20.  British Pakistani Christian girl of 14 meets MEP's at European Parliament to challenge for protection of 'girls like me' in Pakistan

A Christian School girl of Pakistani origins gave up her Easter holidays to champion the rights of thousands of Pakistani Christian girls who are at risk of rape, kidnap and forced Islamic marriage every year

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