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Recently the BPCA has called for a cessation to Foreign aid to Pakistan and we encourage visitors to thsi site to sign our on-line petition:


Aid that is targeted at Pakistan generally, particularly in education, will almost certainly serve to perpetuate the ongoing discrimination and oppression of religious minorities, given the fact that such discrimination is endemic and inbuilt into the fabric of Pakistani society. Whilst raising levels of illiteracy is good, they say, the fact is that levels of illiteracy are far greater among Christians and other minorities than among the wider population – only seven per cent of minorities gain an adequate level of literacy.

Primary causes are the fact that due to poverty worsened by discrimination, many Christians can’t afford to send their children to school, but instead must send them out to work and earn money for the family to survive. There are free schools in Pakistan, but their standard is generally poor, and most minority parents can’t afford the travel costs as they are often in awkward areas. In addition, these schools are often in areas where Christian children are especially vulnerable whilst travelling – the kidnap, rape, and forced marriage and conversion of teenage Christian school girls whilst travelling to school is far too common an occurrence.

Even when at school, Christian children are frequently subjected to discrimination, bullying from teachers and other pupils, and are required to recite Muslim prayers. In other words, education in Pakistan is frequently Islamicising in a coercive manner. Islamic studies is mandatory, and parents are afraid of proselytising, and forced conversions of their vulnerable children, as well as the way minorities are pilloried and falsely depicted in history lessons.

A report produced by USICRF stated: "Our review of public-school textbooks and other materials has found intolerant references against religious minorities, particularly Hindus, Christians and non-Sunni forms of Islam. Fifth-grade-level textbooks have accused Hindus of dishonest dealings with Muslims. In addition, some of Pakistan's thousands of religious schools include texts with an interpretation of Islam that promotes religious extremism and provides ideological training to those involved in religiously motivated violence, both in Pakistan and abroad."

To address these problems, the BPCA is proposing a bursary to help vulnerable Christian students get into better schools, whilst having a system of monitoring by local agents to monitor the schools to make sure no bullying or inappropriate behaviour towards the children occurs. The BPCA educational benevolent fund will award bursaries to students of all levels, allowing them access to high quality schools in Pakistan, so that the most poverty stricken members of that community can find that essential voice which will empower them to live with dignity as Christians and equal citizens of Pakistan, and make them less vulnerable to exploitation through legal, economic and other mechanisms.

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Ref: BPCA/Education

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