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Pastor building community hall threatened twice then accused of blasphemy by Hindu zealots in India

An Indian Pastor who converted from Hinduism 5 years ago, seeking to build a community hall in Kaithal District, Haryana that would also serve to provide Sunday Church services, has received serious threats and blasphemy allegations from the local Hindu Community.  Mobs in their thousands twice disrupted and delayed building work despite the Pastor having planning permission and local court approval. In April 2019 Pastor Sunil (28 yrs) an affiliate of Ezra Academy Ministries bought a plot of land from his Hindu Neighbour in the village of Karsa by saving money from his small business of selling straw. After a few months after gaining planning ...

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Illiterate Christian Teenager Jailed for Blasphemy finds spiritual help in Urdu Bible

L-R Mehwish Bhatti (National Executive BACA), Father of Nabeel Masih Amanat Masih and his brother Wakeel Masih.  A teenage boy sentenced to 10 years in jail for posting a picture of a pig's head on top of the Kabba says reading the Bible in Urdu has helped him spiritually.  He keeps himself busy throughout the monotous years in a dingy Pakistani cell by 'praying and reading God's word." Nabeel Masih from the small village Chak 66, Bhai Pheru, District Kasur, says the regular reading of the Urdu bible is a skill he acquired through the perseverance of his parents. All Christian parents teach their children to read the Bible, they may ne...

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Rape survivor starts new life with husband after God releases her from depression

The survivor of a brutal gang rape at gun point, has found happiness from the depths of despair when she married Shahid Masih (22 yrs). Farzana (21 yrs), slowly rebuilt her life after being attacked as a teenager along with her younger sister Sehrish, thanks to counselling sessions from BACA representative, Mehwish Bhatti which helped her understand the Biblical importance of marriage. Shahid, a professional driver, accepted his bride with full knowledge of her tragic ordeal and full of love for his precious wife. This is quite a bold response in Pakistan were honor culture has infected even the minds of Christians, however many churches are ...

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15 Y/O Christian teenager raped by 5 Muslim men who first collected families regular loan payment

Image L-R niece of Maria, Maria Jalal, Mehwish Bhatti BACA National Executive and  mother Nasreen JalalBritish Asian Christian Association has had to move a Christian teenager rape survivor and their family to a safe house and is launching a legal battle to get justice, after the 15 year old was brutally gang-raped for over 24 hours by 5 men. Please sign our petition to improve the identity parade protocol for vulnerable witnesses and to review existing laws and practices to reduce rape and kidnap (click here). Maria Jalal is  alone in the house when she hears a knock at the door. It is 4pm and standing there is Mohammad Sajjid (25 yrs) of t...

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Launch of the final report of FCO support for persecuted Christians

British Asian Christian Association were invited to the exclusive launch of the final report by Bishop of Truro, The Rt Revd Philip Mounstephen on support for persecuted Christians.  The report which was commissioned by Jeremy HuntSecretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs was the first ever undertaking of global Christian persecution and BACA were privileged to have been invited to contribute written and oral evidence to the review committee.  The findings of the report have been quite positive and we have shared previously a short analysis on the impact the report could have on Pakistan with some further recommendations...

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BPCA to take lead on High Court Appeal for Christian man convicted of blasphemy as a teenager

Image of Nabeel Masih aged 16 A man who was just a teenager when arrested for blasphemy in 2016 is calling for help with towards a solicitor to succeed with an appeal  against his conviction.       Please sign our petition to end Pakistan's blasphemy (click here) On 17th September 2016, 16 year old teenager Nabeel Masih from the village of Kasur, was accused of an internet blasphemy after it was said that an image of the Kabba (holy shrine at Mecca) with a pigs head over it, was displayed on his Facebook page. This lead to a campaign by local mosques to lynch Nabeel Masih at his home and calls for his murd...

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Quetta Bomb attack's youngest survivor has new limb fitted

Aleeza Masih who was only 1.5 years old when she lost a limb in the carnage of the Quetta Bomb attack has had her new limb installed, thanks to the help of donors who contributed to her continued progress.  Read more (here) Aleeza is a very bright girl and has adapted well to every limb replacement she has received from us and is very independent we are told by her mother.  Mehiwsh Bhatti our National Executive for Pakistan, said: "By the Grace of God and with the help of our gracious donors Aleeza old prosthetic leg has been replaced with a new better fitting prosthetic leg, which is enabling Aleeza to cope with the demands of every...

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10 year old Badil brutally beaten till death for demanding full salary

Image of Badil murdered child labourer pronounced dead at Allied Hospital, Faisalabad. Please sign our petition demanding justice for Badil (click here) A ten year old Christian child who chose to work in a dangerous scrap factory so he could support his mother who had to fend for a family of two boys and a drug-addict husband, was raped and tortured before being killed by his Muslim employers. Mohammad Akram and Irfan, nicknamed Kalo, were both arrested in Sarghoda on the 14th July, for the murder of Badil Shahzad, from the viallage of Rasheedabad in  Essa Nagri, Faisalabad.  Badil, the son of a drug addict Shahzad Masih ...

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Hannah Chowdhry receives Diana Award for social action and Humanitarian work

Hannah Chowdhry, a long-term British Asian Christian Association volunteer has received a Diana award for her social action and humanitarian work. On 15th July 2019 at a lavish ceremony at the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff,  Hannah Chowdhry from Chigwell, Essex, received her certificate for her Diana Award from HM Lord-Lieutenant of South Glamorgan, Morfudd Meredith.  Hannah had to postpone her original certification date on the 1st of July at Westminster, due to being in the middle of her Duke of Edinburgh Award Silver Expedition (click here). Hannah has always been a very community-spirited person, intent on improving the locality whe...

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Harsh raid on Pakistani Christian asylum seekers illustrates Thai Government hatred for the 'other'. False propaganda is setting Thai citizens against an innocent refugee community who are desperate for safety!

Frightened children surround their father as they travel in ignominious asylum seeker caged bus.In a raid on asylum seekers the extent of which we have not seen since 2015 48 Pakistani Christians were arrested. Proud of their achievement Thai Police described the positive clean up operation to a local media group, saying 'Children are among 48 Pakistani nationals rounded up by Bangkok Immigration police this week at an apartment in the Bang Na district. Most had overstayed their visas while several didn’t have any travel documents at all.' Thai police authorities also stated that they believed that none of the victims holding United Nations High Commission for...

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