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Britain calls on Pakistan to repeal blasphemy laws

While Pakistan celebrated the 70th anniversary of the creation of their nation British politicians urged the President and the Prime Minister to repeal the blasphemy laws of Pakistan that have been a tool for discrimination. 24 British MP's including Jim Shannon of the DUP who is Chairman of both the All Parliamentary Party Group on International Religious Freedom and the APPG for Pakistani Minorities and long term BPCA friend Lord Alton. The blasphmey laws of Pakistan were introduced by the British in 1860 in response to persecution of Muslims by the Hindu Majority during the British Raj.  The laws had a maximum sentence of 6 months ...

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Pakistan's 70th Independence Day anniversary marred by death of Christian prisoner

Pakistani Christians took to the streets to mourn the loss of a Christian man killed whilst in police custody in a Lahore prison on 13th August 2017 - one day before the nations independence day celebrations. Christian activists are declaring independence has created a nation with double standards in politics, law and everyday life - one in which Christians are at best second-class Citizens.   Indaryas Ghulam (RIP) Indaryas Ghulam RIP (38 yrs) a victim of circumstance was sentenced to death by hanging for alleged involvement in the death of two Muslim men who were lynched in the aftermath of the Lahore Twin Church B...

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2 bomb attacks in Baluchistan within 3 days as terrorist death toll increases around Pakistan's 70th independence day celebrations.

Image of vehicles burning in aftermath of Saturday's bomb attack in Quetta. At least 15 people, mostly military men, were martyred and dozens wounded – some of them critically – in a terrorist attack targeting an army truck in a high-security neighbourhood of Quetta, Baluchistan on Saturday night (12th August). Followed by a further bomb attack on Monday (14th August) in a remote district of Baluchistan in south western Pakistan, that killed eight soldiers. Saturday's terrorist attack targeted an army truck in a high-security neighbourhood of Quetta on Saturday night has left the Old Pishin community with 15 casualties, and dozens wo...

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Mother calls for prayers for restoration of reproductive organs of child raped at three years old.

A three year old Pakistani Christian rape victim named Saiba will have to wait till Saiba reaches puberty before she will be assessed for the potential to restore damaged reproductive organs.  Her mother Catherine Bibi is calling for prayers for the complete recovery of her daughter within that period.  On the 24th July 2017, Saiba and her mother Catherine were taken by Mehwish Bhatti lead Pakistan officer of the BPCA to National Hospital Lahore for a medical examination of their health.  The fees for the hospital assessment were paid for a concerned donor from New Zealand.  Saiba was given a psychological assessment and was also che...

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Revenge rape ordered by Pakistani village council

Image of Mukhtar Mai who bravely fought for justice after a similar panchayat decision in 2002 ordered her gang rape. A police search operation is underway to arrest the members of a panchayat (village council) who fled after ordering a man to rape a 16-year-old girl in Multan, Pakistan. At least 20 Muslim men from Multan, Pakistan, have already been arrested for ordering the rape of a teenage girl, in revenge for a rape her brother had allegedly committed. The two families involved in the incident were related and senior members from both families comprised the village council that decided the 16 year old girl should be raped. Ac...

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Christian poisoned to death for seeking freedom from slavery contract

A Christian man who was sold into slavery was left to die from poisoning before his family home.   Police refuse to investigate the death and have reported it as a suicide but family members report a history of mistreatment and have called for a murder inquiry. In June 2015 Javed Masih (28 yrs) of Kamal Pur Panjchak in Faisalabad, needed a loan of 315,000 rupees (£2333) in order for him to buy a home for his family.   To fund the purchase he agreed to a slavery contract with a man named Tajamal Jatt for two years that required him to plough fields, graze cattle, undertake all household chores and minor building repairs. The signed co...

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Latest update on Ferozepur bomb attack: Families visited

Mehwish Bhatti lead officer for the British Pakistani Christian Association has been meeting victims of the Monday afternoon bomb attack on Ferozepur Road in Lahore (click here).  During her many visits she has been sharing condolences with families of those who have been killed and injured from amongst the Christian victims. She will be visiting Muslim victims in hospital from today and will be providing counselling and prayers for any who wish to receive it. Saul Samuel (RIP) The first family Mehwish met was the family of Saul Samuel (11 yrs). Saul was in the vegetable market area at, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore  waiting ...

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Lahore: Ferozepur Road bomb attack leaves at least 26 dead!

A motorcycle bomb attack at Kot Lakhpat, Lahore at 4.30pm (12.30 pm GMT) today has killed at least 26 people. The blast has left a further 54 people injured after the bomb exploded near a police station within a major market. Senior police officer Haider Ashraf gave a press statement today in which he said that 'a suicide bomber on a motorcycle targeted officers guarding a demolition site at Kot Lakhpat's vegetable market'. Many policemen are counted among the wounded after the powerful blast tore through people along Ferozepur Road, a main thoroughfare that traverses through Lahore.  Local hospitals have been put ...

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Stand up for Maherwar Ishaq campaign initiated by Canadian citizen gains momentum!

A rally movement calling for justice for a young woman and her mother who fled a blasphemy allegation in Pakistan is gaining momentum. Peace activists of all faiths are uniting in solidarity behind her appeal for asylum in Canada and will be holding a rally supporting protection for the vulnerable young woman who narrowly evaded detainment in Thailand's brutal Immigration Detention Centre, only to be re-persecuted when an official from the Pakistani Embassy in Thailand trapped her in a disused apartment in what we believe was an attempt to commit a sexual assault. An audio recording of the incident can be heard (here)  This mirrors an inci...

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MP calls for government debate on apostasy hatred

A statement or a government debate about what is being done to tackle crimes motivated by anti-apostasy was called for by MP Martyn Day in UK Parliament on 20th May 2017. in his question, Mr Day asked: "Many individuals who convert their religion or renounce faith altogether can be ostracized by sections of their community and even from family members, making them more vulnerable to hate crime. Can we therefore have a statement or a debate in government time, regarding what is being done to tackle anti-apostasy." In what was an extremely positive response Andrea Leadsom, Leader of the House. said: "Well of course...

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