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Catholic Church of India rocked by allegations of rape of nun by Bishop

An Indian Bishop has been accused of repeatedly raping a nun in Kerala during his visits to the Missionaries of Jesus Convent in Kerala. Bishop Franco Mulakkal has been temporarily removed from his post 2.5 months after the allegations surfaced, in a slow action that has been condemned by many Indian people of all diversities. Bishop Franco claims that the allegations against him are a "cooked up story to wreak vengeance" for the actions taken by him on various complaints received against the nun, however other members of her sisterhood have been protesting daily and support her allegations. To enable himself to challenge the accusat...

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BACA assists with Kerala food crises and health concerns in rural areas

In a previous report we described the lack of aid provided to Christians in Kerala by Hindu groups, an account which has been verified by several independent pastors. Working with Grace Community Global Church we have been providing help to some of those forgotten Christians in the area of Changenachary, Kottayam District. A recap of our initial report on the floods in Kerala can be read (here) Victims have been provided food and shelter in a temporary relief camp set up in Grace Community Global Church, but funding has also helped them transport food by boat to harder to reach communities. The same boats have been used to transport pe...

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Christian hospital manager dies after motorcycle acid attack

A Christian manager of a local hospital in Lahore was killed after being targeted in an acid attack whilst getting off his motorcycle just before the start of his shift.  The men who attacked him wore masks and so far remain unidentified despite numerous witnesses for the attack.   Please sign our petition (click here) Faraz Ahmed Badar (26 yrs) resided in Gujaranwala and after the attack was immediately taken into the private hospital of his employment, but later rushed to DHQ Hospital Gujaranwala. Due to the severity of his injuries he was transferred to Mayo Hospital, Lahore.  Neither hospital has a special burns uni...

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Emergency treatment for brain-injured son means asylum-seeking Pak-Christian family must pay insurmountable fees

Young Pak-Christian asylum-seeker Soham Babar (11 yrs) is fighting for his life in a Thai hospital after the long term effects of an untreated traumatic brain injury resulted in continued seizures requiring emergency medical attention. Video of Soham during happier times. Soham incurred head trauma at the age of 4 in a freak train accident that left him with intellectual and neurological difficulties. He seemed to improve enough to finally be enrolled in school where he became the subject of vicious bullying. One day during an episode of teasing by a Muslim classmate he became frustrated and mishandled a primer that unbeknownst ...

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Girl thrown from window after rejection of Muslim trafficker's marriage proposal

A Karachi-based Christian woman of only 18 was thrown from the second floor building of her own home for refusing to "marry" a local Muslim man who was running a trafficking ring. BPCA was told about how the man initially made contact with Beenish and her family. Tahir Abbas (22 yrs) who resides in the same city as Beenish Paul became infatuated with the Grade 10 student when he saw her going to school one day. After that he began stalking her and regularly pursued her, however she understood this attention more innocently and because of his persistence she eventually accepted him as a friend because she had the impression that he sincerely lik...

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BPCA's school for young asylum seekers celebrates student acheivement

One of our three Thailand-based underground schools for asylum seeker children held a series of examinations to assess the educational level of the participating students. The exams went very well and teachers have told us every child exceeded expectation by really knuckling down and revising at their homes.  Assessments were based on levels expected on the Oxford syllabus. Teachers Miss Sumbel and Mrs Sumaira from VMCCS school told us: "We are really pleased with our student’s performance and proud of their accomplishments today. The children have done really well during their annual examination, and they were really appreciative of the...

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Pak-Christian engineering student beaten blind by a violent mob of neighbours for being the only Christian family on the block

A 2nd year chemical engineering student and resident of KDA 2, Mehmoodabad, Karachi, was beaten so badly by a mob of young Muslim men accompanied by an Islamic cleric, that he lost his sight. The mob using rods, clips and stick to beat the young man then stoned him outside his home. On the 18th August 2018 at approximately 11:30 p.m. Vikram Alvin (25 yrs), was beaten till unconscious by 26 local Muslim men and an Islamic cleric outside his home. His neighbors use bigoted and abusive language against him as the swarm of 27 surrounded the family home and beat Vikram Alvin. When Vikram's father Alvin John (48 yrs), and brother, Sunil Alvin (23 yr...

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Record-time for first Pak-Christian DofE Bronze award winner through Jewish Group

A Jewish youth charity has praised the effort of a Pakistani Christian girl of 14 who completed her Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award sections within 6 months, which is the minimum period required for the prestigious DofE programme. Hannah Chowdhry, a Redbridge student at Kantor King Solomon School, had been working on her Duke of Edinburgh’s Award since November and was the first Redbridge participant of the 2018 applicants with the Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade (JLGB) to have completed her programme, which on average takes at least twice the time to fulfil. This is the fastest possible time to complete the DofE and Hannah joins an ...

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Muslim mob assault Pak-Christians over church property dispute - weak church officials fail to support victims in getting justice!

A broken bone for young Christian Sagar Masih. A mob in excess of  50 people, including men, women and children assaulted Christians of Waran Chak Balyana village and seized 16 of the 35 Marla of land in ownership of the church Unarmed Christians were beaten severely by the angry mob and the existing Roman Catholic church building was battered with bricks, sticks and stones. Five people were injured in the attack which occurred at 9am on the 2nd of August 2018. An 10-year-old boy named Sagar Masih suffered a broken arm (left humerus fracture), while 18-year-old Anand Masih sustained a deep laceration on the left side of his lips and w...

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Buying milk is risky business for Pak-Christian asylum-seekers as Thai police continue crackdown with Mother's Day arrest

Image: Zarish and Moses Gill after BPCA paid fines for Elvin. Buying milk is risky business for Pak-Christian asylum seekers as Thai police continue their crackdown. One young father Elvin Gill (29 yrs)found out just how hazardous this can be on 14 August when he left home on an errand and never came home. The arrest happened about 4:30pm in a Bangkok neighourhood. Elvin Gill was arrested by Thai authorities for overstaying his visa resulting in him spending four days detained in Jail, over the Thai Mother's Day holiday before having a hearing.  BPCA rushed in to pay his court fines for overstaying his visa enabling him to escape the brut...

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