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Aleeza was only 1.5yrs when she lost her leg in a terrorist attack, now she needs your help for a new prosthetic limb


Aleeza the youngest survivor of the Quetta suicide bomb attack (click here), which killed nine people and injured dozens who were worshipping at Bethel Memorial Methodist Church' on 17th December 2017, requires a new prosthetic leg.

Her survival is a modern day miracle after shrapnel pierced her body and left her gangrenous and close to death only days later.  BACA intervened and with some help from God and many of our supporters we were able to save her life (click here)

At a very early age she also had to have a very painful and intricate operation to join her intestine to her bowel, after shrapnel ripped through her body (click here for video and images but only if you can handle the graphic detail).  Brave Aleeza survived the operation and is now able to dance many years later thanks to all of your prayers and donations (click here to watch video).

British Asian Christian Association has been supporting the family and the medical costs for Aleeza, since the deadly attacked threatened to take her young life at only 1.5 years (click here)

Her last upgrade took place in the month of July 2019 and she was scheduled for an upgrade during March 2020,  but the COVID-19 lockdown meant she was prevented from travelling to Karachi for medical treatment.

Mother Shamim Bibi, spoke with BACA and said:

'Aleeza is growing so quickly and she loves to run around.

"Like most children she hates sitting around so each day without the new prosthetic is a real bane.

"She has outgrown her current prosthetic and this is now causing her irritation, pain and loss of balance.

"she has fallen down and injured herself on more occasions than normal in recent months."

Mr Arif an orthopedic technician said:

"A timely replacement is important to avoid any complications with her natural growth.

"Most importantly, it also helps Aleeza to continue with her routine which is good for her mental and physical growth."

Mehwish Bhatti, said:

"The family have asked me to thank our global Christian brothers and sisters for their continual support.

"It is so pleasing to see Aleeza has turned 4 now and is enjoying a full life, the loss of a limb has done nothing to dent her passion for life, liberty, independence or confidence."

Now the lockdown is lifted as soon as BACA is able to fund the new prosthetic limb the family will be travelling to Karachi to have the new limb set in place for a very active young Aleeza.  To pay for the limb replacement and travel we need to raise £325 pounds. It will take 3 working days to manufacture the made-to-measure limb and to place it on Aleeza. If you can help us reach our goal to fund this prosthetic upgrade please donate by clicking (here).


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