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Boxing instructor fled Pakistan to escape persecution is now helping victims suffering in Bangkok's brutal detention centres


In January we were approached by Maqsood Iqbal a Pakistani Christian asylum seeker who has also managed to obtain a retirement visa in Thailand and needed help funding an extension. The visa enables him to live a more free existence without fear of arrest though he and his family are living in poverty as he is unable to work on the visa.

In a discussion with Wilson Chowdhry, it was agreed that Mr Iqbal would deliver food for free to incarcerated Christians within the brutal IDC once a month. Each food package will also contain a short bible passage and study produced by local pastors to give victims comfort and an understanding that God is with them. A total of £200 was paid towards the visa and we hope also to raise a small donation of £60 per month to help this family survive till UNHCR deliver their verdict on their asylum application.  If you would like to sponsor this family please (click here) for details on how to donate.  If we can raise this amount Mr Iqbal has agreed to provide much more help to the BPCA on a full-time capacity.

Mr Iqbal received the £200 donation from the BPCA.

Mr Iqbal (57 years) arrived in Thailand with his family on 21 April 2014 and he was accompanied with his wife and 3 children.

In Pakistan he was once a well known semi-professional boxer and in his later years he even opened up his own boxing club.  His boxing club grew in popularity and size and soon came to the notice of a Fundamentalist Muslim organization names 'Jamaiat islami' who expressly told Mr Iqbal they did not want him or his 'Christian boxing club' in their vicinity or in Pakistan.

Mr Iqbal who is a big man and could obviously protect himself was attacked several times on his way back home from his boxing club. Because of the fear of Mr Iqbal the attackers would come in groups and with weapons.  Despite the attacks mr Iqbal continued to run his boxing club that was often found vandalized because it was the only way he knew how to survive.

One day however the attackers then targeted his home and his family.  His home was the only one owned by a Christian family in the area and a panic ensued resulting in the family fleeing Pakistan for Thailand.  We have only given very basic details of the attack as Mr Iqbal's asylum application is still pending.

Mr Iqbal displays his retirement visa and looks visibly more happy now.

Mr Iqbal, said:

"I had to flee Pakistan because group attacking me had members across the country.  I was told that I would be killed if I opened my business again because Christians are meant sweepers and sewage workers.  

"My family and I came to Thailand and to protect us from arrest I invested all I had left into getting a retirement visa.

"It is hard to survive like this and we implore UNHCR to approve our asylum application.  Pakistan is not safe for Christians."

Wilson Chowdhry, said:

"I do not understand why the Royal Thai Government is being so difficult.  In every nation that you find Pakistani Christian asylum seekers they are there with the families, this is not just a another community sending single men to earn money abroad.

"The crime levels amongst the Pakistani Christian asylum seeker community are extremely low - that's if you exclude immigration based crimes imposed on the families as they are not deemed legal refugees. 

"Criminalizing innocent victims like Mr Iqbal illustrates the authoritarian attitudes of people in governance in Thailand. 

"Hundreds of people fleeing real persecution in Pakistan find themselves locked away for life in Thailand's brutal IDC, just why such actions do not trigger international condemnation is beyond me.

"Christians should boycott travel to Thailand for holiday until all UNHCR registered asylum seekers are released, the majority of whom are Pakistani Christians."

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Since obtaining his visa Mr Iqbal has kept to his word and he delivered his first food packages to the IDC on 15th March 2017, further visits are to be made once a month.  Please keep Iqbal and the work of the BPCA in your prayers.

We have begun to feed 30 IDC victims a month and alter the people we help every month so that we are able to reach all of them over the course of our cycles.  There are hundreds of Pakistani Christian detainees and we would like to feed as many as possible on a more regular basis.  If you feel like you are to help expand our work please donate by clicking (here)

Desperate to help a string of women volunteers from amongst the Pakistani Christian community prepare and cook the rice for victims in Thailand's brutal IDC.

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