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BPCA facilitates BBC Asia Network radio interview with husband of Asia Bibi, Ashiq Masih.


URGENT NEWS:  Following a telephone call a few hours ago from Dil Neiyyar radio planner for BBC Asia Network, we advise you all that BBC Asia Network will be airing an interview with Ashiq Masih today 

Thats right! Today from 7am BBC Asia Network will be airing an interview with Ashiq Masih, the husband of 5 year blasphemy law convict Asia Bibi.  The interview was facilitated by the British Pakistani Christian Association and the original translation was conducted by our newest Pakistan Officer Mehwish Bhatti.  

Please tune your digital radios to the hourly news bulletins starting from 7am, or alternatively listen to the main news at 11am and 5pm.    If you do not have a digital radio you can listen to an MP3 recording we have singularly obtained directly from BBC Asia Network:  (click here) 

This is a chance to hear first hand the concerns the family of Asia Bibi feel for her life and their own.  Asia Bibi is awaiting the date for her Supreme Court hearing, an application was submitted last month.  Any time soon a date could be announced, for what is her last opportunity to be released via Pakistan's notorious legal system.  Failing this her only option is freedom via a Presidential Pardon, which would set a never before actioned precedent.  

Please keep Asia in your prayers.

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