Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


BPCA guidance on signing petitions in our new GoPetition platform


GoPetition Instructions for BPCA supporters

British Pakistani Christian Association supporters may have noticed that we have a new petition platform that allows us to communicate better with you.

We have chosen to use GoPetition because it allows us to target petitions in our various locations.  BCPA now has both an Australian and a Canadian Branch.

The GoPetition platform allows you to email us, but does not allow you to donate from the petition . 

There are two tabs in GoPetition. One tab in blue says "Sign the petition" and that is where you sign your name and add your information. There is another tab next to it that says "Sponsor" in red and that is a tab you should completely ignore.

Since we have already paid for the use of the platform we do not need sponsors to put up the petitions. If you give money under the word Sponsor in red your gift will not go to the BPCA project you were hoping it would fund.

You can CONTACT US (click here) to comment further or share your concerns; or you may DONATE (click here) directly from the upper right corner of our webpage next to the search bar.

On occasion we may also post petitions from other organisations such as Change.org or others. These platforms also attempt to solicit donations and you are not able to donate to the cause through the petition. All donations given through those platforms are to fund the operation of petition website an ddo not go to the charity who has posted the petition.

British Pakistani Christian Association, continues to provide advocacy and humanitarian aid to Christians in Pakistan and the Pak-Christian diaspora. We cannot do it without your help please donate by clicking (here)

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