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BPCA pays one months wages to survivors of Lahore blast


Zeeshan Emmanuel with his mother and our officer Ambar Saroya he was given £84

Four of the most needy survivors of the terrible Lahore blast that saw the devastation of a newly built cafe in a shopping mall, received one months wages to help them through the unfortunate unemployment, that they have found themselves in.   The blast at Alferno Cafe killed 8 people and left 39 injured to of the dead included Christians.  Read more (here)

The four Christian families BPCA helped were met by Ambar Saroya on March 11th and were given some fruit and the money to cover their lost wages.  The families were all expecting a period of hardship and expressed great gratitude for the small gift we were able to provide.

Ambar prayed with all the families and has been assisting the injured men find new work. Already two of the men have been able to find new work with the help of Ambar and Naveed Aziz our Lahore based officers.  The other two men have offers that they will take up when more able.

Ambar Saroya, said:

"These men suffered a traumatic event that left them with physical injury and unemployment. But instead of wallowing in pity they chose to trust God and through prayer and effort have managed to reset their lives.

"Our small gift covered them through a tricky period of finance ensuring these survivors and their families did not accumulate undesirable debt.

"The deadly blast in Lahore could have left these survivors dead and the survivors know this and have talked of a stronger commitment they have made to follow Christ's example . In no uncertain terms they have all expressed a great love for God who saved their lives."

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Sunny Dawood with his mother  he received £141

Sunny Khokhar and his family praying with our officer Ambar Saroya. He received £191

Suneel with his wife who received £30 and a months groceries.

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