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BPCA's school for young asylum seekers celebrates student acheivement


One of our three Thailand-based underground schools for asylum seeker children held a series of examinations to assess the educational level of the participating students. The exams went very well and teachers have told us every child exceeded expectation by really knuckling down and revising at their homes.  Assessments were based on levels expected on the Oxford syllabus.

Teachers Miss Sumbel and Mrs Sumaira from VMCCS school told us:

"We are really pleased with our student’s performance and proud of their accomplishments today. The children have done really well during their annual examination, and they were really appreciative of the recognition they gained by receiving a gift given to celebrate their promotion.

"Both the children and we teachers are very thankful that this school is here. It allows us as teachers to show our capabilities and impart what we know on the next generation. Moreover we strive to ensure the children to get a good education. We appreciate the donors' concern and care for refugees."

Each teacher divides up the subject areas between the two of them. Miss Sumbel teaches English, Math and Science, while Mrs Sumaira teaches Urdu, Bible Study, Computers and Social Studies. The children learn a range of subjects but generally their favourite subject is English; They also enjoy Bible Study, Social Studies, Computers and Urdu.

Our BPCA Thailand Officer Annie continued:

"The children are very excited today because they going up to their next class. The students are really thankful to be able to be in a place where they can play freely with other children. This school allows them the opportunity to be educated and they all are discovering their favourite subjects. They want to continue their studies in this school and we pray that God blesses everyone who makes their studies possible.

"The children are very shy but they say thank you and smile a lot. They would love to go on more outings but their status as asylum-seekers makes this impossible, a key factor is their lack of documentation which is a security risk and they are also limited by the expense. Being able to be learn in a safe environment and socialize with other children and young people is so important for their development."

"Our pupils always feel happy when they are together and especially when they have something to celebrate.  These feelings of well-being and pride in their abilities are good for their self-esteem in a country that does not want them there."

Wilson Chowdhry said:

"We have received reports that have all our pupils have done very well on their final exams results.

"Class 5 students Aiza Saleem and Asamakia Robin ranked first and second in their level respectively. Class 3 students Simran Joseph and Briya Gill achieved a first and second place position in their class. Alisha Adnan was top of Class 1, while the Prep Class was lead by Rock John in first position and Aric Adnan in second.

"I congratulate the students on their achievement and hope they are enjoying their studies. We really want them to be able to enjoy some aspects of a normal childhood even in their unstable circumstances and not to fall behind their peers."

School bags and stationary were gifted to children for all their hard work.

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