Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Thai classes for asylum seekers in Bangkok to help them gain acceptance

BPCA have initiated a free course in the Thai language for asylum seekers in Bangkok.  Working in conjunction with Rev Tim Eaddy and Christchurch in Bangkok, we have begun the classes in hope that learning the language will not only assist struggling families to cope with everyday life in a foreign land, but also introduce a new era of acceptance by Thai communities. Suspicions against incoming migrants are a well known phenomena across the globe, but one way to reduce the fears and anxiety that naturally beset the human mind from an unknown factor, is to improve integration.  Friendships are nigh on impossible without the ability to comm...

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Taking Santa out and putting Christ back into Christmas!

To counter the increasing commercialization of Christmas in Pakistan we sent out our Lahore Officer Naveed Aziz to Youhanabad on Christmas Eve to share bibles and gifts to people residing in a city that has been struck by two bomb attacks in just two years. Shops in the Christian community often display Christmas lights and images of Santa but only ten years ago streets would have been filled with little nativity scenes produced by churches and Christian groups, a tradition that seems to be on the decline. Alarmed by the usurpation of Christmas by fictional character Santa Claus based loosely on the generosity of an ancient Christian saint, w...

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Full Gospel Christian Fellowship Centre and BPCA hold two Christmas events in Kuala Lumpar

In Kuala Lumpar our BPCA/FGCC team held two Christmas events, a Christmas party on 18th December and a Christmas service on 25th December 2016.  Children participated by performing in plays and received some small gifts. The children also built a nativity form recycled material that was displayed in the school building.  Arish Chowdhry, said: "Christmas was a joyous time for all the participants at both our events. Being able to worship the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ without the fear was pretty amazing.  Children enjoyed participating in their nativity dramas and they learnt their scripts so well.  Their participatio...

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Victim of Muslim gang-rape finds new hope in Christian Marriage

Father Ilyas Masih hugs his daughter as she leaves him to start married with life with her new husband. BPCA is proud to announce that Sehrish one of the two gang-raped sisters brutally gang-raped by 3 young Muslim men at gunpoint in Jaranwala during November 2014 (click here), was married to a loving Christian husband on 20th December 2016.. In a country where honour and perceived shame can destroy lives and cause rape victims to become pariah's, young Sehrish has found a husband who totally adores her and has been welcomed into a family of committed Christians.  Her husband and family accept her innocence and the restorati...

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Christmas food for malnutritioned detainees in Bangkok's Immigration Detention Centre

Image shows Thai Pastor Papa Thongchai and mama Thaongchai with Wilson Chowdhry after they met in the Immigration Detention Centre in Bangkok during December. On the 26th December British Pakistani Christian Association delivered food parcels and treats for children to the Immigration Detention Centre in Thailand where 48 Pakistani Christian asylum seekers with live UNCHR applications have been detained, 17 of whom are children. The gifts were well received by inmates of the notorious IDC which featured in a BBC documentary last year.  The documentary revealed the cramming of hundreds of asylum seekers in rooms fit for a few dozen.  ...

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Join us at Conservative Christian Fellowship's 'Prayers for the Nation'

Event: Prayers for the NationFocus:  This month we will be praying for Persecuted Churches. Date: Tuesday 10th January 2017, 7-8.30pm Location: Palace of Westminster Reserve your tickets (click here) The CCF seek to be the bridge between the Church and the Conservative Party. PFTN invites MPs, Peers, Parliamentarians and supporters of the CCF to join together each month in prayer for key issues and topics in the political and Christian calendar. This month's guest speakers will be: Baroness Elizabeth Berridge Zoe Smith - Open Doors UK Wilson Chowdhry - British Pakistani Christian Association ...

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Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand celebrate birth of Christ despite fear of arrest

Image of Pak-Christian asylum seeker children singing and dancing to Christmas Carols. Over 50 Pakistani Christian asylum seekers celebrated Christmas at a BPCA organised service, despite a real and present danger that they could be arrested whilst worshiping.  Residents of a condo in the district of Pratcha Utchit one of the most deprived areas of Thailand came together on a roof (no money was wasted on hall hire) to share a time of worship, biblical reflection and prayers, whilst celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ at 4pm on Saturday 24th December 2016. The service and Christmas party was organised by the BPCA after the commu...

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Jesus' experience as a refugee inspires church to help Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Sri Lanka

After a short two day trip to Sri Lanka during early December at which Wilson Chowdhry our Chairman met very few Pakistani Christians in Colombo, he returned during late December responding to an invitation to meet with a Senior Protection Officer at the UNHCR based there. Mr Chowdhry was in Malaysia and was to inspect our new school there quickly organised an urgent flight to Sri Lanka to ensure the meeting would go ahead on time and to assess the needs of Pakistani Christians asylum seekers in Negombo, a city adjacent to Colombo where news of a more numerous community reached the BPCA. This time Wilson attended several church services l...

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Royal Thai Government must alter stance on asylum seekers who are verging close to suicide

Whilst on his latest visit to Thailand, our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry initiated dialogue with The Royal Thai Government and expressed how urgent it was to meet with them to discuss the current plight of Pakistani Christians residing there. A glimmer of hope has emerged as the Royal Thai Government has agreed to review a BPCA report and  proposal for assistance for Pakistani Asylum seekers.  We will be working with our regular partners to ensure that an offer is made that can serve great purpose for a much beleaguered community. After a recent increase in the number of arrests and detainment of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Bangkok ...

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Working with local schools to bring true meaning of Christmas back to Redbridge

Students from Kantor King Solomon High School a Jewish school in Barkingside, London Borough of Redbridge, have started volunteering with the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA). Image of Blessing Maimuli with Hannah, Naomi and Leah Chowdhry. Up to six  teenagers will volunteer at least one afternoon a week with the association, for a year or more to collect points towards a community award being promoted at their school. Last week, Year 8 pupils Hannah Chowdhry, Aliyah Kokkoz and Blessing Makimuli started their work with us at our offices based in Green Lane, Ilford. Their first project saw them build a Nativity scene which will be displayed i...

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