Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Christian soldier's wife subjected to rape and torture while he was protecting Pakistan

Two young Muslim men gang-raped a defenceless Christian woman at her house while her husband Shakil Khan (32 years) a soldier was in Peshawar risking his life, doing his duty in preserving Pakistan's sovereignty and safety. Asia Mushtaq (30 years) lives at Chak number 292-GB, Rajana, in Toba Tak Singh district. Her husband is employed as a soldier in the Pakistani army based in Khyber Paktunkwa. He is often called to stay away from his home, a fact that caught the attention of two devious young Muslim men. On the night of the attack Asia was asleep with her two year old daughter Aish Khan, when she was rudely awakened by some rough hands over ...

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Why do Christians in the West continue to ignore the plight of Pakistani Christians?

St Andrews Church, built in 1860 is one of four churches the Government of Pakistan has proposed to demolish to make way for undesired metro-line. It is 4am and I am writing this article, another sleepless night follows the pain and anguish I feel for suffering Christians in Pakistan. Living as a British Pakistani Christian is a simple matter, I have access to clean water, food, the security of my own home and the knowledge that a benefits system exists to help me should my financial position change.  Most importantly however the laws of the land protect me from discrimination and persecution and statutory authorities exist that in the main apply t...

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School for asylum seekers in Thailand grows beyond capacity

British Pakistani Christian Association is calling for more support for their under the radar school for asylum seekers in Thailand. The current school has grown beyond capacity and after his recent visit to the school, Pastor Nadeem has asked Wilson Chowdhry to facilitate a further classroom to cover the burgeoning demand. The current facility provides two classrooms, one for primary aged children and one for secondary aged children.  However the teachers believe students will benefit from  further classroom division by age into the following categories:  3 - 7 years, 8 - 12 years, and 13 - 17 years.  The cost is prohibitiv...

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School Named After Child Hero Shot at 12 Years of Age After Emancipating 3000 Children From Bonded Labour

16 years ago a young child of only 12 years old was shot dead after celebrating an Easter service in his home town of Muridke, Lahore, Pakistan.  Tim Iqbal Masih is believed to have been shot for his role in freeing 3000 bonded Labour children, most of them Christians. On Saturday 16th April 2016 the British Pakistani agreed purchase of land in Kasur not far away from the home of Tim Iqbal Masih, that is to be named eponymously. Our school is to be built in Kasur a town also outside the city of Lahore, near the location where a Christian couple Shama and Shahzad were murdered after being falsely accused of Blasphemy. Since that attack the Brit...

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Mother weeps as she buries 19 year old breadwinner son after heartless suicide bomb attack

On Easter day 2016 two young brothers travelled to Gulshan Park, filled with exuberance after having enjoyed a wonderful service celebrating the resurrection of their Lord Jesus Christ. Nouman Paul (19 years) and Ashir Paul (18 years) like all the other young men in the church had been volunteering in setting up the church the night before. They and all their friends had passionately enjoyed their church morning devotions, but that is no surprise as they had been brought up in a culture where singing songs to their God is a communal and very thrilling experience. Easter services are a day to remember, not a chore in Pakistan where parishioners ...

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BPCA aid work leads to bridge building with Muslim Families.

During her visits to various Lahore hospitals to meet with injured victims of the Gulshan Park bomb attack, our intrepid lead officer Mehwish Bhatti prayed for healing for all the many patients. Mehwish took flowers to every victim, and gave a gift of £40 to each victims family to pay for regular travel into the hospital. This gift is to enable them to visit their family members, irrespective of their faith, but given on the basis that the support was through the love of Christ. Most importantly she prayed with every victim that she met. Christian or Muslim (where permitted). One particular victim Bilal Saeed, a Muslim boy of only 17 has serious wo...

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Easter Massacre in Lahore leads to protest outside Scottish Parliament

Despite a chill breeze, Pakistani Christians and their supporters demonstrated outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh on Saturday 9th April 2015. A petition with over 950 signatures was submitted drawing the attention of Scottish MPs to the plight of Christians in Pakistan. The protest organised by the BPCA in partnership with Scottish Asian Christian Fellowship was triggered by the Easter Day massacre at Gulshan Park.   Gulshan Park has become a popular location for Lahore Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, after their morning devotionals, with this in mind a Taliban splinter group targeted the park for a terrorist attack. and . After the ...

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Christian man butchered like an animal for trying to prevent drug dealers corrupting Christian youth

Rasheed Bibi wife of slain Christian man Nazeer Masih and her son Patris Maish have been left haunted by the brutal and shocking attack. A Pakistani Christian man was brutally slaughtered by Muslim men named Nadir and Haider in the district of Sheikhupura near Lahore. Nazeer Masih (RIP), 55 years, lived in a small village called Wandala Dayal Shah and worked for a local estate agent.  He was left with only one arm a few years ago after an accident at a factory where he was previously employed.  His now bereaved wife Rasheeda Bibi told the BPCA that he lived a simple life and had no enemies, however, on the evening of April 6, 2016, N...

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Christians Call for Scottish Parliament to Dialogue with Pakistani Government on Human Rights for Minorities

Christians are calling for Scottish Parliamentarians to engage in dialogue with the government of Pakistan to seek improvement in the current human rights of minorities living there. In the wake of the latest suicide bomb attack at Gulshan Park on Easter Sunday, the twin suicide bomb attacks carried out by the Taliban last March in Youhanabad, and the devastation caused by a similar attack on a church in Peshawar they are demanding that the Scottish Parliament take Pakistan to task on this issue. The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) in collaboration with the Scottish Asian Christian Fellowship will be staging a protest this Saturday, 9th ...

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Easter Massacre of Christians in Pakistan leads to protest outside UN Headquarters in New York

Pakistani Christians from Britain and the United States of America, collaborated in a demonstration outside the UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday 5th April 2016.   The protest was triggered by the Easter Day massacre at Gulshan Park where it has become a long-standing tradition for some decades for Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, after their morning devotionals.   After the bomb attack Ehsan Ullah Ehsan, leader of Taliban splinter group Jamat ul Ahrar claimed responsibility for the attack that killed 74 people and injured a further 360, of which many were Muslims. In a chilling statement to Pakistan's media Mr Ullah Ehsan declared t...

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