Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Depraved stalker who raised knife at Police officer continues to threaten life of 17 year old Christian girl

A young Pakistani Christian woman who has suffered 4 years of stalking and harassment from a Muslim man in her hometown of Rawalpindi is being refused any help from her local Police constabulary. Samina Iqbal (17 yrs) a Christian youth was 13 years old and in Grade 7 when the heckling and cat calling began 4 years ago in 2013.  Adam Babbas (27 yrs), a Muslim man in her Rawalpindi neighbourhood, who is 10 years her senior, is the man accused.   Samina alleges that Mr Babbas had been accosting her daily on her way to school, from her account he would often block her path demanding that she speak with him and he persistently insisted th...

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A 45-year-old Pakistani Christian man residing in Derby had to be taken to hospital after being assaulted outside a popular restaurant t 8.30 pm on Friday 20th October 2017. Read Derby Telegraph story (click here) Tajamal Amar a food delivery driver suffered a broken nose and several lacerations to his head and body after a group of Muslim men attacked without warning. Mr Amar was rendered unconscious and woke approximately 6 hours later at Royal Derby Hospital where he was admitted overnight, after having been transported there by emergency services. Please sign our petition calling for protection of non-Muslims from the growing ...

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36 year old Pak-Christian seeking asylum in Thailand dies of a heart attack linked to depression

L - R Khurram Ashi, Saira Khurram, Mariyam Khurram, Musa Khurram. Only a day after we put out an appeal for a woman left widowed after cruel officers at the notorious Bangkok Immigration Detention Centre (IDC), strenuously exercised a Pak-Christian Asylum seeker to death (click here), we are advised of another asylum seeker who has died.  The latest victim Khurram Ashiq a father of two children died last night [19th October] at 7pm (1pm GMT) after suffering a major heart attack his family say. Prior to going to Thailand Khurram was seemingly fit and healthy and there were no concerns about heart problems.  However, whilst ...

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BPCA November Outreach programmes are almost here.

Leighton Medley handing out free bible during last outreach programmes in March this year. As you all should know by now BPCA have been holding regular outreaches in Pakistan every March and November for the last two years.  Our long term plan is to initiate a theological seminary that will create new Pastors empowered with a better understanding of the bible.  For a long while we have been concerned about corruption within existing church establishments in Pakistan and a focus on legalism, rather then the redemption through faith that the new testament delivers.Brother Leighton has shared a short reminder of the November outreaches and we invite churches in ...

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Father killed cleaning sewage never saw birth of his beautiful twins

Hope in a small Christian community within Bahawalpur, in the Punjab comes in the form of two new born babies, twin sisters who have yet to be named by their mother.  Humaira (22 yrs) is waiting for a date for the children to be dedicated in their local church by which time two appropriate names will have been chosen after some prayerful reflection.  The births took place on 17th September 2017 at Bahawulpur Hospital, only 3 months after the father of the two children was killed in a tragic accident when he went to clean a sewer at Sadiq Public School.  In total 3 men passed away including the father of these twins...

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6 Pakistani Police officers arrested and charged with murder for killing Christian school boy

The family of a Christian youth murdered by corrupt Police in Sheikhupura, Punjab may get some rare justice through the highly biased legal system of Pakistan, in which Christians are normally denied a fair trial. Police officers have been arrested and charged under section 148, 149 and 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and are detained at Saddar Police Station, while they await transfer to a jail. Sign our petition for Arslan Masih (click here) 148. Rioting, armed with deadly weapon: Whoever is guilty of rioting, being armed with...

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Widow of 36 Y/O asylum seeker (father of three) killed in Thailand's brutal IDC wants justice

A mother stranded in Thailand with three children is calling for immediate assistance from the UNHCR and Thai Government who she believes is responsible for her husbands death. Ijaz Patras Masih a detainee with a known heart condition died on 27th May 2017 after he was put through a strenuous exercise routine with other inmate at the brutal Immigration Detention Centre (IDC), in Bangkok. His physical capacity to cope with any form of exertion was massively diminished as IDC staff refused to allow him access to medicine and failed to ensure he received the regular medical assessments, that his condition required him to undergo for his safety. ...

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Children performing well at our two schools in Thailand but your help is required to improve learning process

Out two schools for asylum seekers in Thailand have been busy and children who performed exceptionally well at both schools have received certificates of excellence and some small prizes, to further stimulate their passion for learning.  This report continues after next six images.  One of our schools has now been in operation for over two years and parents across the asylum seeker community regularly place their trust in us to care appropriately for their children and to provide a learning platform for children who otherwise would have little or no opportunity. Our model is a s...

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BPCA prints free outreach material for Christian groups and churches

British Pakistani Christian Association has printed 5000 of each of these outreach flyers and a further 6 are in the process of being printed.  These flyers will be distributed for free to churches and Christian groups across the globe. All you have to do is contact us and pay for the postage in batches restricted to a maximum of 100.  If you would like to order some please call +44 (0) 20 8514 0861 or email admin@britishpakistanichristians.org with your orders.  Hurry while stocks last.  

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BPCA teenage volunteer attends House of Lords tea event

Hannah Chowdhry with Lord David Alton A student from the London Borough of Redbridge visited the House of Lords for a tea and talk meeting on international Christian persecution, after receiving a personal invitation from Baron Alton of Liverpool. Hannah Chowdhry a student at Kantor King Solomon High School is also a lead volunteer with the British Pakistani Christian Association. Her duties including responding to emails and calls, building databases, preparing an Easter and Christmas window display and invoice reconciliation. She also has acted as an ambassador for the group a role which has seen her deliver a wreath of flowers...

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