Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Christmas belongs to Jesus

On 27th December BPCA officer Grace Masih visited a Christian Colony known as LDA colony at Walton in Lahore with a sack and a red bobble hat.  Unlike the fictional Santa Claus  however she was not handing out toys but short biblical booklets for children and authentic copies of the Urdu Bible.  On the back of her T-shirt were written the words 'Santa is not real but Jesus is' The colony consisted of 30-40 Christian homes and Grace has described the great and sincere passion which families showed to her in receiving the special gift of a Holy Bible. This was of course no shock to us as BPCA conducted a similar santa-removal project last year (click here...

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Duniya TV interviews BPCA officer during Christmas Eve Celebration at Quetta Bomb attack church

BPCA Lead Officer Mehwish Bhatti with parishioner Ashraf Masih whose foot was injured by ball bearings during the blast After a terrible bomb attack killed 9 people and injured 62 others at Bethel Memorial Methodist Church on Sunday 17th December (click here), many thought the church would not resume services the following week (click here). However, brave young men from the church cleared and cleaned the blood of family members and friends as they restored the church to a level appropriate to hold a service (click here). BPCA Officer Mehwish Bhatti travelled 1000 km to visit victims who BPCA had been helping through Pastor Adi...

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Ilford Church Choir and Chairman awarded for services to the community

An Asian Church based in Ilford for over 30 years was presented with two awards via the BPCA for their amazing service to their local community and the UK Pakistani diaspora.   The church has became an example to Asian Christian churches across the UK in it's remarkable attitude towards bringing unity amongst our diaspora. BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry attended their Christmas Day service which had over 200 visitors and the church has an extremely regular congregation of around 70 people and growing.  Their contribution to the local community has been immense through some of the most riveting performances at Redbridge Easter...

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Christmas is our most holy day even bombs cannot keep us from our duty to Christ!

Brave Christians across Pakistan have attended their Christmas Eve services despite knowing they are the primary target for Islamist hatred during this season.  Read this Breitbart article (click here) and this one from CBN News (click here) Today during the Christmas service at Bethel Memorial Methodist Church the atmosphere was one of sombre reflection as the church gathered together for the first time since 9 members of their congregation were slain by Islamist assassins.  The attack which occurred on Sunday 17th December caused 62 casualties in addition to those who lost their lives, many of whom are still in critical conditi...

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Pakistani Christian Heroes honoured during UK Parliament event

Photo Credits:  Esther Das Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association was one of 16 Pakistani Christians honoured for their commitment to uplifting beleagured Pakistani Christians, at at a UK Parliament event last night.  Below is a press release from the APPG for Pakistani Minorities:  The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Pakistani Minorities, held a special Christmas celebration in UK Parliament on 19 December 2017. The UK's Pakistani Christian community was well represented with over 60 members of the diaspora attending. The event was presided over by the AAPG Chair MP Jim Shannon and f...

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Bethel Memorial Methodist Church plan Christmas service despite traumatic bomb attack

After the brutal murder of 9 people and over 50 casualties the survivors of the Bethel Memorial Methodist Church Islamist attack and families of the deceased, will all be joining with other parishioners to celebrate Christmas at a bittersweet ceremony on Christmas Eve and then again Christmas Day.  The service tomorrow will be the first time the whole church has come together since the attack and will be a day of mixed emotions. Despite the heavy trauma members of the church faced last weekend everyone of them has expressed a passionate desire to return to their spiritual home and to praise God despite the loss they have suffered. By being pre...

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Moria camp erupts in violence and flames again but Greek Authorities still want Christians to return!

An image of the fire that erupted at Moria Camp on Tuesday Hundreds of people were injured during violent clashes between Muslim refugees late Tuesday 19th December 2017, at the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. According to a number of twitter and facebook reports from some of the 5500 refugees and asylum seekers placed on the Island  clashes erupted between Arab, Afghan and Iraqi refugees. Some of the rioters burned down tents and then prevented fire and other emergency services entering the camp.  To bring some calm into the situation riot police were called in from the mainland and they had to us...

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Hindu teenager is arrested for arson attack on priests car after 40 Indian Christians released from Satna jail

All 32 Indian Christians from Madhya Pradesh who were arrested for blasphemy and false conversions on Thursday 14th December whilst singing carols were set free from Satna Jail on Friday after intense police questioning.  8 priests who were sent to help release the 32 victims from prison on Friday morning were also arrested despite being victims of violence that resulted in their vehicle being torched.  They have now also been released, however 6 of the 8 priests have been placed on bail with an impending court hearing regarding an alleged forced conversion. In more promising news an 18-year-old was arrested on Saturday 16th December for ...

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Six martyrs buried as Pakistani Christians mourn their dead once again

At 3pm (10:00 GMT) today thousands of Pakistani Christians gathered to say their last respects to six of the Christian martyrs killed in the Islamist Attack on Methodist Memorial Church in Quetta yesterday.  The funeral service was presided over by Bishop Daniel Sadiq and at least 2000 Christian men who had come from as far afield as Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Karachi were in attendance. During the ceremony the following victims were buried; Akash s/o Naseem Fazal Masih S/O Siraj Masih Gulzar Masih Sultan Masih S/O Siraj Masih Sonia Nazaf D/O  Noaf Hameed Madeeha Barkat D/O Barkat A...

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Christians pray for peace on earth as US shifts embassy to Jerusalem

With yet another firebombing, this time of a synagogue, in Gothenburg Sweden and then the stabbing of a security guard in Jerusalem's Central Bus Station following President Trump's announcement there are questions mulling about as to whether the American's Embassy move is step on the road to peace or whether it is making things worse. It is a question worth considering. Many people are wondering why President Trump has decided at this juncture to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, but President Trump's rationale on the move seems quintessentially American in that his logic is reminiscent of American innovator Henry Ford, who said, "If you alw...

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