Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Christian suspects charged for lynching two Muslims after Lahore Twin Bomb Attack offered freedom if they accept Islam

British Pakistani Christian Association has been alarmed by a report in a Pakistani newspaper highlighting attempts by the court prosecutor, to convert the 42 Christians charged with lynching two Muslim men after the Lahore Twin Church Bomb attack in March 2015.  Read the article titled: Youhanabad lynching: Christian suspects asked to convert in return for release   Express Tribune a national daily paper, wrote that human rights activists reported that the state prosecutor told the accused Christians facing a trial in an anti-terrorism court the he 'can guarantee their acquittal' if they renounce their faith and embrace IslamThe 42 ...

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Young BPCA volunteer Hannah Chowdhry wins prestigious Jack Petchey Award

A 13 year old volunteer for the British Pakistani Christian Association has attained a prestigious Jack Petchey Award for her sterling work towards improving global society and her community. Learn more about the awards (click here). Hannah Chowdhry, who attends Kantor King Solomon High School in Barkingside, was notified of her selection for the award by the Jack Petchey Co-ordinater for the School, Miss Liu last week and was presented with a certificate. Hannah was awarded for her work in galvanizing children of diverse faiths from her school who have been volunteering with the BPCA since December. The volunteers have been  involved...

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Please join us at Redbridge Easter Parade and Festival

British Pakistani Christian Association leads the local Easter Parade in our Borough of Redbridge.  The event is annual every Easter Monday and operates under a collaboration with local churches.  In previous year's we have had over 15,000 visitors and expect that number to grow with your help. Churches form across London are encouraged to join us and promote the event in their churches.  It does not matter which part of London or whether your from wider in the UK - we would just love for you to come and join us worshipping Christ this Easter. We are still looking for church worship groups, Christian bands or Christian...

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BPCA helps Pakistan's last openly Jewish man to remove decades old discriminatory practice in Pakistan

One of Pakistan's oldest discriminatory practices has been terminated thanks to Fishel Benkhald Pakistan's last openly declaring Jew - with a little help from Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association. Fishel Benkhald approached Mr Chowdhry about a year ago after he was having difficulties with altering his recorded faith within his Identity documents. Fishel Benkhald as he now names himself is a man who was born of a Jewish mother and Muslim father. Fishel (chosen Yiddish name) was born Faisal Benkald in Karachi in 1987 and is the fourth of five children. Fishel's fondest memories are of his mother coo...

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Pakistani Christian Campaigner recognized for his work helping asylum seekers in Thailand.

Annie Ishaq holds the certificate for Wilson Chowdhry from Bright Future Society. At a glittering event at held at the Christian Guest House in Bangkok at 2pm on 26th March 2017 humanitarian individuals were recognized by a Pakistani Charity for their help towards the betterment of the Pakistani Christian asylum seeker community in Thailand. Bright Future Society a Christian NGO that hail from Pakistan awarded Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association for 'Exemplary services for the Christian Community in Thailand. Mr Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association was thanked for his wo...

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Incorrigible dehumanization of Asylum seekers in Greece continues at expense of political EU and Turkish expediency

The incorrigible dehumanisation continues at the expense of political EU & Turkish expediency. On a recent visit to Greece and Turkey, the Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, Wilson Chowdhry, uncovers the hidden suffering of Pakistani Christians escaping persecution from Pakistan, and encountering the scapegrace enforcement of the EU and Turkish authorities. The human suffering is continuing in the Mediterranean Sea albeit on a smaller scale despite the deal that was reached between the EU and the Turkish authorities to stem the flow of refugees and the continual deaths in the Mediterranean Sea. The horrors we witnessed i...

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BPCA's Leighton Medley returns to Pakistan for a series of 8 more outreaches

Leighton Medley and his wife Pana have returned to Pakistan on 25th March 2017 to undertake a series of  seminars and outreaches in communities across Pakistan.   They will be in Pakistan for the next three weeks reinforcing the learning provided at our various outreaches last year.  Read more (here), (here) and (here) Seminars are designed to disciple a new wave of more savvy Pastors in Pakistan espousing a more accurate doctrine. Leighton will be speaking on Christian family life,  atonement and regeneration as well as enhancing previously held worldview classes. BPCA ask that you pay for this essential work and our ...

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Thailand's forgotten blessing

Though many in Thailand are oblivious to it as a nation they are being blessed by an influx of Christians praying for the nation and sharing their Christian values to a hardened nation. Who are these Christians?  Thousands of Pakistani Christians who are attending churches and pray for their safety but pray for their host nation daily too. As Easter approaches the children who are present at our underground asylum seeker school which is now approaching it's third year, are preparing posters and banners so they can brighten up their condo and make the place more festive. Children will also be making Easter cards to share with ...

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Pakistani Christian Refugee builds restaurant business from scratch

A family in the dark.  Stephen Maqsood sits in a room without electricity praying for the next pay day. A Pakistani Christian refugee in Greece is seeking contracts from Charities helping asylum seekers to help him continue feeding his family and gain electricity for his home. Stephen Maqsood a married father with two children had to flee Pakistan after a man jealous of his success as a qualified nurse accused him of a blasphemy.   To avoid arrest Stephen rushed to another city where he stayed with a friend for a month while friends and his church helped him raise the money and organize a travel visa for a flight to Turk...

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Police and court failure in Pakistan lead to call for united protest for 12 year old murder victim Tania Mariyam

After a 12 year old child was found dead in a canal with strange froth in her mouth and trousers ripped in what looked like a rape, you would think local Police authorities would initiate a murder inquiry. Well in Pakistan that is far from the norm especially if you are a Christian.   Tania Mariyam was just such a victim when on 23rd January 2013, she was found dead in the Upper Chenab Canal. Read her full story (here) When Tania left home that morning her family never expected her to never return.  They have been running a campaign with help of the BPCA to gain justice for their daughter. Through a hard advocacy and awarene...

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