Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


lack of bibles and hymn books creates spiritual deficit amongst Pak-Christian believers in Thailand

British Pakistani Christian Association held an Easter Sunday service for the beleaguered asylum seekers living at Delight Condo on the very outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand. Over 80 people attended the service the majority of whom cannot attend regular church services anywhere else as Thai churches are still quite tough on Pakistani Christian asylum seekers, but also because most of them understand little of the Thai language and fear arrest from Thai authorities who are adamant Thailand is not a place for asylum. The service was led by two local Pak-Christian pastors Revd Edwin John and Pastor Shazad and held in their own language of Urdu....

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Christian man stripped, beaten and burnt with hot rods for 'friendship' with Muslim woman

A 21-year-old Christian man was allegedly assaulted and burnt with hot iron rods by the family of a Muslim woman for 'befriending' her in Sheikhupura within Pakistan's Punjab province Ansar Masih first established contact with Jameela Bibi two years ago and their friendship grew over time and blossomed. They often spoke over phone and Masih would also visit the woman's neighbourhood to meet her.  When the woman's family learned of the friendship, her father, Manzoor, and her brothers Mangu and Shahbaz called Masih's father asking him to tell his son to stay away from Jameela.  The family of Mr Masih were warned of dire conse...

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UKIP policy triggers useful debate on validity of burqa use in British society

A very brave stance by UKIP in calling for a ban on the burqa  (Muslim veil) has triggered a debate on whether such a ban should be supported by the British public. A study in 2016, highlighted how the majority of people in the UK would favour a ban with a ration of in excess of 2:1 desiring a ban.  Although such stances are expected in members of political parties such as the Conservatives and UKIP, even members of more liberal political parties such as Labour (48%) and the Liberal Democrat (42%) Party approved a ban on burka's rather then opposed it (37% and 30% respectively).  (click here) Arguably many Muslims agree with...

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Life of hero police officer remembered during London peace concert

Religious leaders from a number of faiths and people of no faith came together to remember the bravery of PC Keith Palmer, during a two hour peace concert outside 10 Downing Street on Saturday 22nd April. The event which occurred exactly one month after the brutal killing of 5 innocent people by Khalid Masood during the now dubbed 'Westminster Terror Attack,' was a chance for people to unite in solidarity against extremism and to remember the bravery, dedication and professionalism of the UK Police Services. Two time 'The Voice' contestant Si Genaro performed peace songs throughout the event from 12pm - 2pm, which started immediately after...

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Our apostasy hatred report as submitted to UK Hate Crime Inquiry

Here is a free copy of our hate crime report (click here)

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14 year old Christian Girl abducted from parents home at gun point!

Image of Mother and siblings of abducted teenager Maria A Christian family have reported that their 14-year-old daughter Maria was abducted at gun point by their neighbours son and some accomplices.  During the abduction they also robbed the family of 13thousand rupees (£102) and gold jewellry worth 50,0000 rupees (£400). The incident occurred at the home of Maria at 3am on15th April in Gaggo Mandi, a town in Vehari District in the Punjab.   Home of Maria that was scaled by robbers and kidnappers. The family were awoken by crashing and banging as three men scaled their wall and entered their property.  The robb...

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London united against extremism - Peace concert and memorial for PC Keith Palmer

Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the BPCA shaking hands with PC Chris Waddilove before the Policemen's memorial in Pall Mall after confirming Saturdays peace vigil and procession. A peace rally has been organised by humanitarian groups in an attempt to build unity amongst the diverse people of London.  The event which will be held exactly one month after the Westminster Terror attack is a call for unity in opposition to extremism of any type.  People from a multitude of faiths and no faith will be attending and speaking about the need for solidarity in times of increased societal polarization. Date:          ...

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Festival of colour and culture put on by Christians in Redbridge

Redbridge became a centre for diversity and vibrance when Christians celebrated the resurrection of their Lord Jesus Christ in Ilford Town Centre on Easter Monday. Local people were entertained by diverse performances including Sega dancing from Mauritius, Acro dancing, Military drumming, drama, Dholl drumming Asian Zaboor (psalms) rap, hip hop, soul and gospel singing.  The performances were a mixture of Christian and secular but every performer was Christian in an event that sparked great joy and frivolity amongst local residents. The range of Christians from different origins and cultures created an awesome illustration of the dive...

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Miracle divorce for Pakistani Christian rape and forced marriage victim

A joint celebration party was held last week for Fouzia and our lead missionary Leighton Medley who passed his Theology course. Fouzia is second form the left in image. A Pakistani Christian woman who escaped her rapist and abductor with the help of the British Pakistani Christian Association and was then returned to her persecutors by her family, until the BPCA could free her once more has won her freedom through the Pakistani law courts.  Fouzia Bibi was abducted on 23rd July 2015 whilst cleaning the home of her family's slave-master. Her abduction led to a dangerous escape plan enacted by her brother through help and support of the BPC...

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First ever Pakistani Christian asked to pray at Redbridge Good Friday Walk of Witness

Until Revd Francis Ackroyd of initiated a Good Friday Walk of Witness in the borough of Redbridge through Ilford Town Centre, local people were bereft of any outdoor event to commemorate Christ's sacrifice. The event is now in it's seventh year and is a sombre procession with several stops outside Churches and also important council buildings and our central Police stations, where prayers are said for God's protection of these establishments and for his guiding influence over their decisions and processes. This year for the first time ever a Pakistani Christian spoke at this wonderful well established event, which is run by the Ilford Town Cen...

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