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23 Y/O student killed by mob in Pakistan for alleged on-line blasphemy

A 23 year old Ahmadi student named Mishal Khan was beaten to death by a vigilante mob of colleagues after he was accused of publishing blasphemous content on-line.  Another student named Abdullah was also targeted in the attacked and has thus far survived but is now in critical condition. After the incident occurred on the premises of Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan, police were forced to shut down the university campus and its halls of residence to prevent a further escalation of violence.   Dawn newspapers have said that at least 45 people had been arrested in connection with the incident by Thursday evening...

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Elderly asylum seeker with health conditions seeks help with cost of retirement visa in Thailand

BPCA has received a second request for help with a retirement visa for an elderly Pakistani Christian asylum seeker forced to apply for the visa to avoid arrest.   Sarafina Sarfaraz arrived in Thailand on the 9th January 2014 after selling her home and leaving everything she knew behind to flee Islamic persecution. Sarafina's problems began when her brother-in-law Ejaz Akhtar converted to Islam to marry a Muslim girl he fell in love with, and then joined a very fundamental sect.  At first he tried to convert her family through regular visits during which he tried to persuade them to change faith. He seemed totally brainwashed and...

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Christians from three Pakistani cities converged in Sialkot to demand justice for Tania Mariyam

Around one hundred Pakistani Christians from the cities of Lahore, Multan and Sialkot converged on Press Club Road in Sialkot, to the Press Club Office, on Saturday 1st April 2017.  The protest was organised by the British Pakistani Christian Association to demand justice for Tania Mariyam who was murdered on 23rd January 2017. Despite evidence to the contrary, police initially registered her death as a suicide. The protest was presided over by Mehwish Bhatti BPCA's lead officer in Pakistan. As protesters held placards they shouted 'Justice for Tania' and rallied outside the press club office hoping media teams would be willing to take up the...

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Sleazy Bishop in Pakistan accused of financial fraud, rape, false office and persecution

An ordained Deaconess of the Church of Pakistan has alleged that she has been persecuted by Bishop Sadiq Daniel of the Diocese of Karachi for having not helped him with a financial scam. Ghazala, was appointed as Administrator of the Brenton Carey Girls Hostel, situated at 247 Staff Lines, Fatimah Jinnah Road, Karachi, in 2000, by the then chairperson of the board, Mrs. B. K. Dass, and Sadiq Daniel who served as the vice chairman of the Diocese. At the time the premises building was deteriorating rapidly and was in a dilapidated condition. However, through careful budgeting and the professional efforts of Ghazala the hostel soon improved. ...

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20 year-old Christian sweeper shot dead for daring to tell Muslim man he could not clean his home on a Sunday

A Christian man of 20 years, was brutally shot dead in the streets of Sheikhupura,  for daring to refuse to clean the home of a wealthy Muslim.   Apparently Noman Munir Masih had refused to clean the home of Daanu Chadder an influential Muslim because Noman who was a committed Christian was not willing to work on a Sunday. Daanu Chadder is said to have been offended by the audacity of lowly Christian cleaner Noman who refused to clean his outhouse.    On receiving the decline Mr Chadder immediately started to curse and swear at Noman and had even went as far as telling Noman that he would 'break his legs and riddle his ...

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Prosecutor removed from post for offering exoneration in exchange for conversion to Islam

A deputy district public prosecutor (DDPP) has been removed from an anti-terrorism court (ATC) after he allegedly asked 42 under-trial Christians accused in a lynching case to 'embrace Islam and go free.'  In his proselytizing conversation with the accused Christians the prosecutor is said have read sections of the Quran, to intimidate them to convert. Sources in the Punjab Prosecution Department told The Express Tribune that DDPP Syed Anees Shah was removed on Thursday night on the complaint of the accused. According to a source in the department, Shah has been temporarily removed from post and will not be involved in any ...

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BPCA pays one months wages to survivors of Lahore blast

Zeeshan Emmanuel with his mother and our officer Ambar Saroya he was given £84 Four of the most needy survivors of the terrible Lahore blast that saw the devastation of a newly built cafe in a shopping mall, received one months wages to help them through the unfortunate unemployment, that they have found themselves in.   The blast at Alferno Cafe killed 8 people and left 39 injured to of the dead included Christians.  Read more (here) The four Christian families BPCA helped were met by Ambar Saroya on March 11th and were given some fruit and the money to cover their lost wages.  The families were all expecting a period of hardshi...

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Community Leaders gather together to remember victims of Westminster Terror Attack at Redbridge Easter Parade

For the first year since it's inception Redbridge Easter Parade is to allow secular performances at their Easter Parade.  The Committee for the event held a long discussion last Thursday in which they agreed that the event which has always had only strictly Christian performances, would open the door for wider groups to be involved. The decision was made as the Christian Committee decided they wanted to use the event to build community cohesion, in the wake of the Westminster Terror attack that led to the death of 5  people (including the perpetrator) and injured more then 50 other victims. A one minutes silence will be held at 3pm o...

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