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36 Y/O man dies from neglect in Thailand's brutal IDC

A 36 year old Pakistani Christian asylum seeker died while in the custody of Thailand's Immigration Department for overstaying his visiting visa. Ijaz Paras Masih was arrested on the 6th June 2016 during a raid at his condo. The father of three was arrested with dozens of other Pak-Christians as Thai authorities began a heavy clampdown on unwanted asylum seekers.  He was captured with three other family members but his wife and children who were out of the home at the time escaped detainment. Please sign our petition (click here) Mr Masih had escaped from Pakistan with a large swathe of his family, dozens of who travelled t...

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Floral tribute delivered to British Embassy in Thailand to remember the victims of the Manchester Bomb Attack

A floral tribute was presented to the British High Commission in Thailand from members of the Pakistani Christian asylum community. Shocked by the depraved killing of 22 innocent people on Tuesday night (23.05.17) and injuries to over 100 further victims, by a suicide bomber intent on causing anarchy and destabilization in the UK, the Pakistani Christian asylum seeker community requested the British Pakistani Christian Association to deliver their condolences for families and survivors of the type of attacks Pak-Christians know only to well. Maqsood Iqbal, said: "Many of the Pakistani asylum seeker community in Thailand have seen the aftermath of a bomb attack first...

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Manchester blast 19 killed and 50 injured in suspected bomb attack

19 people have been killed and at least a further 50 people have been left seriously injured after a suspected terrorist blast wreaked havoc at a Ariana Grande Concert at Manchester Arena. A large bang was heard at 10:30 at the concert hall with a capacity of 18,000 and video images show the quick exit of panicked people from the event, which had just come to an end. Emergency services responded immediately and are still at the scene providing trauma and casualty assistance.  Greater Manchester police have declared the incident a terrorist attack. Ambulances have been taking injured people to 5 hospitals across Manchester.&nb...

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69 Year old Mukhtar Masih's bail for blasphemy charges approved!

A 69 year old man accused of blasphemy in January this year has successfully gained bail from the Gujaranwala District Court for an allegation of blasphemy that dates back to January this year. Mukhtar Masih, initially came into the care of the British Pakistani Christian Association and we paid for a solicitor and provided a safe house for the family (click here).  However, after a series of court delays due to the non-appearance of the Judiciary and court staff the family requested help with finding a Christian Lawyer.  We put them in touch with another Christian charity called 'The Voice Society' who took them into care in April and took over the legal ba...

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Islamic Centre with Prince Charles patronage allows Islamist to speak on his view of Moderate Islam

People of good conscience gathered outside the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies at 2pm, 18th May 2017 to vent their frustration at an invite for the Indonesian vice-president Jusuf Kalla to deliver a lecture on 'Moderate Islam'.The protest against Islamic extremism comes just a day after Prince Charles  delivered a speech at the inauguration of the new home for the centre, appealing for better 'cultural connectivity' in society and praising the centre's goals of 'dialogue, understanding and connection'. The peaceful demonstration which consisted of Indonesian Christians and Buddhists was jointly organised by the British Pakistani Chris...

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Family of serial killers targeting unmarried Christian men thwarted by BPCA

Dressed in pink Naila smiles but is this the face of a murderer. The corpse of a young man who was missing for 40 days was discovered in a field in Sialkot, Pakistan. After pressure from a solicitor hired by the BPCA a police investigation began leading to the discovery of a murder plot linking the family of a girl named Naila Khalid Masih (26 years) who was involved in a relationship with the murder victim Sharoon Bhatti (21 years).  Although initially the murder was assumed to be an honour killing further investigation elucidated a long term scheme to extract money from young men through romantic seducement and murder.   Around...

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Terrorist who attempted to kill Christians at a Church on Easter has been pardoned for being too brainy for prison.

A medical student who openly confessed to having joined IS in Syria after being thwarted by Pakistani security during an attempted suicide attack on a church on Easter Day, has been set free. In a public statement on Samaa TV Major General Asif Ghafoor said that Noreen Laghari was not a terrorist but was about to become one when she was saved by security forces (click here).  During his press conference  the spokesperson for Pakistan's armed forces said that she had been saved well before her kam umar (immature) mind was brainwashed by militants. "So should we treat Noreen like a terrorist or release her so that she...

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Protest against increasing Islamism of Indonesia sparked by lecture on Moderate Islam at Oxford

Image of Ahok imprisoned for a false blasphemy in Indonesia. A peaceful demonstration is to be held coinciding with the visit of Vice President Jusuf Kalla as a visiting lecturer on the topic 'Moderate Islam: The Indonesian Experience',  to Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.  OCIS is a 'Recognised Independent Centre' of the University of Oxford. Time:          2pmDate:          Thursday 18th May 2015Location:    Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Marston Rd, Oxford, OX3 0EE Please bring a 'Red and White' flag, a poster expressing your grievance/protest in rega...

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Kidnapped and tortured ex-slave set free after payment of ransom.

In a race against time to save the life of an ex-brick kiln slave Salim Masih, British Pakistani Christian Association hired Advocate Niaz Amir to help free him from the former slavemaster who had had him kidnapped and tortured for leaving his brick kiln without permission. Salim Masih states he left the kin after working for an agreed period of a year which was the time required to satisfy off his debt. However Slave Master Sheikh Mustafa alleges Salim Masih still owes him money (click here). On wednesday (10th May) BPCA's officers Rajal Dawood and Ambar Saroya took Salma Bibi and her children into one of our safe houses.  Salma was ...

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Thanks to your donations Sarafina now has a retirement visa for Thailand

In our last e-newsletter we informed you about Sarafina a grandmother who has been seeking asylum in Thailand (click here). We initiated an appeal to obtain a retirement visa for her which allows her to remain in Thailand without fear of arrest as she awaits a decision on her application for asylum via the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). British Pakistani Christian Association offered £200 towards the cost of Sarafina's visa from unrestricted funds and were  assisted later by another donor who covered the remainder of the cost at a further £300. Sarafina, said: "I am so grateful to all the donors that helped me get this visa. Withou...

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