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Pakistan's 70th Independence Day anniversary marred by death of Christian prisoner

Pakistani Christians took to the streets to mourn the loss of a Christian man killed whilst in police custody in a Lahore prison on 13th August 2017 - one day before the nations independence day celebrations. Christian activists are declaring independence has created a nation with double standards in politics, law and everyday life - one in which Christians are at best second-class Citizens.   Indaryas Ghulam (RIP) Indaryas Ghulam RIP (38 yrs) a victim of circumstance was sentenced to death by hanging for alleged involvement in the death of two Muslim men who were lynched in the aftermath of the Lahore Twin Church B...

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2 bomb attacks in Baluchistan within 3 days as terrorist death toll increases around Pakistan's 70th independence day celebrations.

Image of vehicles burning in aftermath of Saturday's bomb attack in Quetta. At least 15 people, mostly military men, were martyred and dozens wounded – some of them critically – in a terrorist attack targeting an army truck in a high-security neighbourhood of Quetta, Baluchistan on Saturday night (12th August). Followed by a further bomb attack on Monday (14th August) in a remote district of Baluchistan in south western Pakistan, that killed eight soldiers. Saturday's terrorist attack targeted an army truck in a high-security neighbourhood of Quetta on Saturday night has left the Old Pishin community with 15 casualties, and dozens wo...

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Mother calls for prayers for restoration of reproductive organs of child raped at three years old.

A three year old Pakistani Christian rape victim named Saiba will have to wait till Saiba reaches puberty before she will be assessed for the potential to restore damaged reproductive organs.  Her mother Catherine Bibi is calling for prayers for the complete recovery of her daughter within that period.  On the 24th July 2017, Saiba and her mother Catherine were taken by Mehwish Bhatti lead Pakistan officer of the BPCA to National Hospital Lahore for a medical examination of their health.  The fees for the hospital assessment were paid for a concerned donor from New Zealand.  Saiba was given a psychological assessment and was also che...

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