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Canada flaunts diplomatic strain with the Saudis and cuts in front of Australia by flying Al-Qunun to freedom - The role of social media cannot be understated in her success

Canada's swift action to snap up asylum-seeker Rahaf Al-Qunun and to fly her true north as Australia contemplates is sure to annoy Saudis - Social media and high visibility played a significant role but other asylum-seekers have not been so lucky. BANGKOK-TORONTO In a bold move Canada has flown Saudi asylum seeker Rafal Al-Qunun out of her week-long purgatory in Thailand to the freedom of Ontario's crisp January air. To read our earlier coverage (click here) Canada has been very vocal in their criticism of Saudi Arabia's human rights record - even before the brazen murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Turkey last ...

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Police and Preston Council address Hackney Carriage driver's rape threat in apostacy-hatred rant

Preston Taxi-driver who threatened to sodomise converts  from Islam to Christianity after seeing a baptism - which includes a profession of faith - on Facebook turned in his license to the review board 9th of January. An online outcry was registered and a petition launched by a private citizen garnered almost 2000 signatures. A police investigation was also initiated and his Hackney Carriage license is under review.   Read our original story (here)    To sign our petition STOP APOSTASY ABUSE IN THE UK (CLICK HERE)  A Hackney Carriage Driver Zaheer Hussain (41 yrs) who launched a hate-filled tirade, threa...

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While judge deliberated over grievous breach in court protocol Christian pastor seeking asylum taken to airport for deportation

Deported Pakistani Christian pastor did not behave "evangelical" enough to warrant asylum in the UK despite death threats while conducting outreach - Pakistan deemed safe for terrified man to return to by the Home Office despite 99.8% rate of violence against Christians by persecution watchdog The credibility of Pastor Samson was evaluated on the basis of inadequate information. Though he is an accomplished theology graduate who entered the UK to study at a theological college under a student visa granted by the Home Office, Asher was shockingly told that "the evidence did not show he has previously behaved in an evangelical way". Application for Jud...

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Where is Asia Bibi?

There have been many inquiries regarding the whereabouts of Asia Bibi's family to both the charities and governments around the world. Understandably it is difficult to be patient with an innocent woman still being restricted in her movements nd prevented form getting on with her life because of the outcry of extremists. However, the general belief among the world leaders who have registered concern is that we need to be just that and let the judicial process run its course.  Keri-Lynn Gibbs BPCA representative in Canada said: "For example, I was asked by the Huffington Post (Canada) whether I was in touch with the family an...

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Saudi woman who declared her atheism claiming asylum in Thailand is accepted by UNHCR and Australia likely to offer asylum say's Senator Abetz

A Saudi woman who declared her atheism has been allowed to stay in Thailand while her asylum claim is processed by the UNHCR.  In a video she shared on social media she was concerned about her passport having been taken away by Saudi officials in Thailand, after accusations of collusion by the Royal Thai Authorities. Rahaf Mohammed Al-Qunun says she feared death if returned to her family.  Fortunately for her after the intervention of the UNHCR her claim was accepted and Australia has her case under consideration. The fact she was allowed to remain in Thailand is a remarkable move by Thai authorities, who very often side with the autocratic states asylum...

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Christian man back in UK immigration detention despite death threats and reasonable fear of return

A Pakistani Christian pastor under imminent deportation did not behave “evangelical” enough to warrant asylum in the UK despite inducing significant death threats while conducting outreach - Pakistan deemed safe for terrified man to return to by the Home Office despite 99.8% rate of violence against Christians by persecution watchdog. While his request for Judicial Review was underway he was taken to the airport for deportation.  UNITED KINGDOM: Asher Samson, a Pakistani Christian pastor seeking asylum in the UK was granted bail from Morton Hall Detention Centre in Lincolnshire on 27th December due to a procedural matter following a late re...

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Britain culpable in Thailand UNHCR refugee scandal that led to two brothers arrested for blasphemy in Pakistan

Image of rioters calling for death of blasphemy victim Patras Masih last year.Two Brothers sentenced to death 8 years after questionable blasphemy allegations were first made, returned to Pakistan after an arrest in Thailand, demonstrates Christian asylum seekers cannot be returned to Pakistan as stated in a poorly constructed UK Home Office Guidance. UK Charity British Pakistani Christian Association has today called for UK's 'Country Guidance for Pakistani Christians' to be immediately reviewed to prevent a similar situation befalling other victims, as the UNHCR in Thailand who made the dreadful decision to refuse asylum to the brothers take their stance from the err...

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Baby Jesus beheading in Borough shocks locals but cannot destroy Christmas!

 Youth Councillor Hannah Chowdhry pictured with the nativity display that she set up prior to it being destroyed (courtesy of Wanstead and Woodford Guardian) Read initial installation article (here)   REDBRIDGE, LONDON: A Christmas Nativity Scene installed in Ilford Town Centre in the London Borough of Redbridge was smashed to pieces and the baby Jesus figurine within the set suffered an IS-styled beheading in an act of vandalism that has raised concerns about Islamists in Ilford. On Monday 31st December 2018 our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry re-registered the crime as hate crime after local police failed to recognis...

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Manchester ends 2018 with shouts of 'Allahu Akbar' as terrorist stabs three at train station

MANCHESTER, UK: Manchester ends 2018 with shouts of 'Allahu Akbar' as terrorism suspect stabs three at train station and is arrested under The Mental Health Act rather than the Terror Attack 2000. Two victims remain seriously injured after a man wielding a knife stabbed them in a frenzied attack at Victoria train station, Manchester on New Year's Eve.  A police officer was also injured during the 9:00 pm incident which has been identified as a terrorist attack. Two of the victims are expected to recover from their grievous injuries but are not expected to be released from hospital any time soon due to the severity of their injuries. Both civil...

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