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Christian man found dead after former employer warned of death for non-payment of loan

A body found near Puni Pulley area off Sargodha Road in Faisalabad, has now been formally identified as that of 33-year old, Javed Masih a Christian man who went missing on 16th May 2019. Mr. Masih who is from Chak 7 GB Kohala, Faisalabad was said to have sustained multiple injuries to his right arm, right ribs, pelvis, left leg and broken fingers. Mr. Masih had also suffered burns to both his hands and his left eye showed signs that it had been badly bleeding. Javed Masih was recently employed by Chaudhry Abbass Jutt (55 yrs), looking after animals and earning around 10,000 Pak-Rupees (£113) per month and his wife has told us that he aske...

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Now three years old the youngest survivor of the 2017 Quetta Bomb attack needs our help to gain a new limb.

During the Quetta Bomb attack in 2017 an 18 month old child narrowly escaped death thanks to the help of our regular supporters.  Not only did we pay for an operation to remove a gangrene infection but we also stayed in contact with the family and have bene very much a part of Aleeza's life since. When the family needed a prosthetic limb for Aleeza we not only coordinated with the private hospital but paid for all the necessary treatment and travel for mother and child to complete the transplant.  Aleeza is a growing child and as you can imagine the non-living prosthetic limb will need continual replacement to meet the requirements o...

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Christian with mental condition survives brutal mob beating but is now fighting blasphemy allegations

A mentally disabled man has been charged with blasphemy following a complaint by two Muslim men. Stephen Masih (42 yrs), was accused of making “derogatory remarks” against the Islamic prophet Muhammad despite repeated requests to stop.  This follows several cases where Christians with learning difficulties have been beaten, arrested, sentenced and imprisoned in Pakistan. Mr. Masih, who then lived with his older sister and mother, caught typhoid at the age of 10, leaving him brain damaged and needing constant medication to control his fits, vocal outbursts and behavioural challenges, which the family are unable to afford. Two lo...

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Newport church hosts celebration of Asia Bibi's freedom from Pakistan during revival event

The Leo twins, Rev Arif Bhatti and Asher Dewan, led worship and shared a revival message. Close to 200 Pakistani Christians gathered at Church in Newport Wales to celebrate freedom for Asia Bibi a mother of five who has spent the best part of the last ten years behind bars after falsely being accused of blasphemy. The event was organised by Pastor Mehboob Elahi who leads Praise and Power Ministries, who meet regularly every Sunday at Gaer Christian Centre, Newport, South Wales. At the event were Pakistan's leading Gospel performers including the Leo Twins, Asher Dewan and rev Arif Bhatti who led a wonderful revival event, sharing the Gospel through music and testimo...

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Telephone call anger leads to blasphemy allegation for innocent Christians.

Zeeshan Masih of BPCA, Shukantilla Farzand, Naveed's younger sister, Tanveer Naveed's youngest brother, Naveed's wife with three children and other sister of Naveed When a Muslim man decided to stand in front of the home of a Christians family last Wednesday (15th May) the gentle approach by the family for him to move away from their doorway because of a perceived threat to the women of the house, became a nasty mob attack.  The beleaguered family and other Christians were attacked by local Muslims who alleged a blasphemy had been committed and now several are facing blasphemy charges which could result in a life sentence. Early in th...

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Beleaguered Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Sri Lanka still forced to live on police station grounds for fear of attack

A large body of persecuted Christian refugees and asylum seekers in Sri Lanka are in hiding at a Negombo police station.  They have sought protection from the local police authorities after being harrased and threatened with death by angry Sri Lankans incensed by the carnage that followed last month’s Easter Sunday bombings.  The Islamist attack claimed the lives of over 250 innocent victims and community tensions in the nation have escalated to epic proportions since.  Several migrant communities in Sri Lanka who originated from South Asia or the Middle East have been forced to seek safety and Pakistani Christians make a large p...

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Brothers in arms: Asia Bibi's solicitor meets with Wilson Chowdhry

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the BPCA and Saif-Ul-Malook who represented Asia Bibi in her Supreme Court Appela met at his hotel on 18th May 2019 to share accounts and hug after the success of Asia Bibi's release from Pakistan. During their time together both men thanked each other for their contributions to the realease of Asia Bibi and agreed to partner in future projects together.  Asia Bibi is asfaely now in Canada and is being cared for by the Government of Canada under their protected refugee programme.  Please continue to pray for the family! Saif was in England to receive an award from the National Secular Society...

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Multifaith delegates call for review of ill-conceived Islamophobia definition

Wilson Chowdhry, former Under Secretary of State for the Home Office Karen Bradley and Nissar Hussain the UK's most persecuted apostate. During a recent review of Islamophobia  BPCA submitted a report on the converse situation whereby Islamists have been persecuting those who have quit Islam or other non-Muslims, to allow a sense of balance.  Our report was uploaded yesterday and can be read (here).  In the meanwhile dangerous definitions of Islamophobia which will restrict free and open discussions about Islam and will exacerbate existing faith tensions rather than eradicate them, are being adopted by political bodies without approp...

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Imbecilic bail release of two extremist leaders for 'poor health' could be ruse to have Asia Bibi killed!

A cleric has jibed at Liberal Muslims goading them over the release of the hardline TLP leaders. Lahore High Court has granted two of the most vehement leaders of Thereek-e-Labaaik Party (an infamous extremist group) a month's release on bail. The two released firebrand clerics Kahdim Hussain Rizvi and his deputy Afzal Qadri led widespread protests last year against the acquittal of Asia Bibi a Christian woman in a blasphemy case. TLP had long demanded the execution of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy charges last October by Pakistan's Supreme Court.  The rapid growth of TLP is believed to have been generated on the back of i...

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Muslim man intent on killing Asia has filmed chilling message stating he is in Canada

A video which is making headway on the internet shows a man intent on killing Asia Bibi telling the world he is in Canada seeking an opportunity to murder the innocent Christian mother of five who has only recently been allowed to leave Pakistan after a 9.5 year brutal incarceration. Read more (here) In the video the man sings an Islamic chant honouring Muhammed and professes that he a beloved believer of Islam will slay the blasphemer Asia Bibi.  He warns the 'Enemies of Islam and the Jew Government that set Asia Bibi free' that he will kill her. In the meanwhile a number of churches in Pakistan have informed BPCA that they are...

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