Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Meet our National Executive for Pakistan Mehwish Bhatti

Mehwish Bhatti on left as she presents bomb survivor Qaiser Pervaiz with a Rickshaw after he begins to restore his life after a miraculous recovery rom 85% burns in a hospital without a special burns unit. My name is Mehwish Bhatti and I am 30-year-old female from Pakistan, born in the city of Rawalpindi on 22 January 1989.    I was brought up a Catholic after being christened by a Catholic Priest at St. Joseph’s Cathedral and did my schooling at a missionary school known as Saint Anees Presentation Convent High School. I was an intelligent student and enjoyed going to school, participating in activities like Christmas dramas, ch...

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