Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Islamist court bias prevents weeping mother access to kidnapped, raped and forcibly married Christian Teenager

Pakistani Christians across the globe have been holding protests calling for the Justice for 13 year old Arzoo Raja from Karachi Railway Colony, who was abducted on October 13th from her home by her next door neighbour. Please sign our petition (here) Her father Raja who had started work at 7.30 am, had to hurry back to his home after he received a call from his neighbour Jameel, who informed him that his other children and neighbours were searching for Arzoo.  After some time searching, Raja later went to Frere Police Station and registered a missing persons report.  He and his Rita spent all night praying for the return of the...

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Christian family moved to safehouse to thwart threats from Muslim paedophile given bail in Pakistan

A Pakistani Christian girl named Tabitha (7yrs) was kidnapped and raped by an 18 year old Muslim man, whilst playing on the streets with friends after school on 19th September 2019 (click here). Less than a year later the rapist Muhammed Waqas was set free on bail granted to him on 9th September 2020. Since then the Tabitha's family have been receiving, insults and threats of violence and death unless they choose to drop the court case against Muhammed Waqas. In a video recording we shared last month young Tabitha can be heard saying:   “I am afraid of being caught by him again” On Sunday 27th of September 2020, w...

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Muslim successfully rips hated cross from roof of London church

A Muslim man disgusted by the three crosses atop of Chadwell Heath Baptist Church in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, decided to rip off the crosses from the church building on Sunday.  Not along after a church service had been held and while parishioners were still in the building. In broad daylight some time before 2.40pm the incensed and enraged man can be seen placing his coat over the cross and levering ot till it snaps and is removed from the roof of the church. After the cross cracks and is dislodged he later throws the cross to the street in an act that was both dangerous and laced with religious hatred. Here is vid...

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Struggling Pak-christian families supported in Thailand

On 15th October 2020 the Royal Thai Government announced that the country would be entering a 'state of emergency'.  This means that gatherings are restricted to a maximum of 5 across the nations and an evening curfew is in place.  This has meant that Pakistani Christian asylum seekers are no longer are more visible on the streets again, which is leaving them prone to arrest and incarceration in the various Bangkok Immigration Detention Centres.  Those who are working illegally in Thailand are frightened of being caught and have asked for Christians across the globe to pray for them as they struggle with Thailand's reluctanc...

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Badil Masih's killers set free on bail after paying murder-lenient Pakistani courts bail (blood) money.

Sharifa Bibi with her surviving son. A ten year old Christian child who chose to work in a dangerous scrap factory so he could support his mother who had to fend for a family of two boys and a drug-addict husband, was raped and tortured before being killed by his Muslim employers. Our report on Badil's murder can be read (here) In her statement given to the muharar Mohammad Shahid, Sharifa Bibi accused Irfan Murad and Ikram for a brutal murder of her 11 years old son Badil Shehzad. A First Information Report (FIR 1132/19) was registered as early as 11/07/2019 in Ghulam Muhammad Abad Police Station.  But Later the investigating ...

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57 year old false blasphemy convict of 8 years with rapidly failing health cannot get bail from prison, while murderers are being set free!

Nawab Bibi and our Operations Manager praying before he took her to court today (19th October) Zafar Bhatti a victim of Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy law was sentenced life imprisonment in 2012 after falsely being accused  of sending blasphemous messages, from a mobile SIM that was not even his (click here) Since his imprisonment, Zafar Bhatti has been living in the misery of a dark, dingy room in chambers set for solitary confinement. For many years he has had no contact with other prisoners and only ever meets with cleaners, who he has short conversations with when they are on duty.  His acquaintance with prison wardens is si...

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Flood relief brings hope to destitute Sindh Christians

We reported back to our supporters after visiting the flood-hit villagers in Sindh near Karachi, who had been subjected to the most terrible floods in the country's short history (click here). A BACA team disaster recovery team headed by Pastor Musa (63 yrs) leading our partner group Victory Church, has since then been visiting several local communities of, Goth Ibrahim Khan Village, Mari Tahalka in the Sindh.  A very remote area about fifteen kilometres from the city of Karachi. We have now made 4 trips and given groceries and mosquito nets to over 250 families. Watch our video in the embed below or click ( <...

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