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BACA Aid for Asylum-seeking Pakistani Christians in Thailand

By Ali Hasnain The power and devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic has reached far and wide over the past few months, as the globe has struggled with its consequences. Lock-down is the new normal for millions of people, that also compounds the misery of the poor and in particular the Pak-Christian refugees in Thailand. Though in desperate need and despite the agonies of isolation, there remains a hope in Christ and a belief that sooner or later restrictions will be lifted. Families currently hiding in Thailand whilst seeking asylum after escaping persecution in Pakistan are already enduring dilapidated living conditions, with entire families often squeezed into one room...

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Muslim and Hindu Converts to Christianity on list of 158 families to have received food aid

  The food distribution programme launched by British Asian Christian Association has been able to reach new converts to Christianity. So far around 6 ex-Muslim and ex-Hindu families that have only come to the Christian faith just a few months before the pandemic started, are now benefiting from British Asian Christian Association’s programme of food distribution. Since the impact of Covid-19, BACA has been working hard to reach many of the deprived and starving Christian communities of Pakistan and so far a total of 158 families have been reached. All the converted families have plans to be baptised later this year and were prayed for encouragement in their new f...

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Deaf and mute Christian Teenager Kidnapped Whilst Police Dithered

A deaf and mute teenager has been kidnapped whilst Pakistani police took two months to investigate. Komal Patras, a 17-year-old deaf and mute girl by birth, was taken from her home in Shibli town, Sandha Band Road, Lahore, whilst her parents were at work and her little brother slept in the next room. Komal, who was studying at home attends a government school for children with special needs, is being home schooled during the pandemic lock-down, revising for her forthcoming year 10 exams when she disappeared on the 13th March 2020. Her parents, Patras Masih (55 yrs), a factory cleaner and mother, Rubina (45 yrs), a house maid, were both at work at the time of her kidnap...

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Christian Family Get Refugee Status for Australia

A family of four who escaped Pakistan for Thailand to avoid false blasphemy charges, have been given official refugee status from Australia and hope to travel soon. The news comes after the family have been receiving financial help and support from British Asian Christian Association to support the wife and child while the husband has been detained in the brutal Bangkok Immigration Detention Centre.  Charles Bhatti (41 yrs), Sapna Charles (34 yrs) and their three children, Ashir Azeem (8 yrs), Abiah Charles (5 yrs) and 3-year-old Ethan Charles have been waiting for their release from Thailand after false blasphemy charges in Pakistan. ...

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Muslim Man Attacks 7-year-old Christian Girl and admits to 21 rapes after being caught!

A 7-year-old Christian-girl crossing a wheat field alone on the way home to celebrate Easter with her grandmother was rescued from an attack when locals heard her screams. Nadia Masih was travelling alone to a local farmhouse at 8pm on 11th April a journey of around 5km distance, when she was grabbed by a 24 year old Muslim Neighbour Muhammad Shoaib.  Usually Nadia would undertake the long and arduous journey with a friend, but in her excitement milk for her grandmother to make fer favourite Kheer dish for Easter, meant she rushed home.       Fortunately for Nadia her screams were heard by a local Muslim landowner who ca...

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Muslim Gang Threaten Christian Church with Land Grab

  A gang of Muslim men took advantage of deserted streets during the lockdown period to break into a church and threaten its Pastor. At midnight, on the 9th May, local residents from a small town in Sheikhupura heard men attempt to break open their local church doors by removing it from its hinges. The vandals were taking advantage of the surrounding quiet and deserted streets during the COVID-19 lockdown, to break into a deserted church. Aun Abbass Malik and Ali Shan, well-known land mafia gang members, were armed with guns and pistols, along with 5 or 6 other men, while shouting words of hate, as they threatened to set fire ...

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