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Muslim paedophile and his friends threaten to re-rape Christian child of 6 yrs and her sisters if parents continue court case

A Christian 6 year old girl was beaten and raped after being forcibly taken to the home of a Muslim rapist in broad daylight. In a sickening twist the local Muslim community are threatening the Christian parents with violence, the rape of their other daughters and financial ruin if they proceed with a legal case against paedophile Muhammad Waqas (18 yrs). Tabitha had just returned home from school at around 1.30 when she was struck with a strong desire for some sweets.  She had some money left over from her school dinner money and travelled to the market stalls on her road to get some.  While there she played with some of her friends for a while taking ad...

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2017 Child bomb survivor Aleeza (now 4 yrs) puts new prosthetic leg to good use at wedding

After a COVID-19 induced prolonged delay in obtaining a new prosthetic limb for the youngest survivor of the Quetta Bomb attack, this month BACA were able to remove the discomfort and pain Aleeza (4 yrs) suffered from an undersized prosthetic. Aleeza was almost killed at the tender age of 1.5 yrs when shrapnel from the Quetta bomb attack in 2018 ripped through her leg and bowel (click here). Only very expensive treatment at Aga Khan hospital and God's hand of protection saved Aleeza from a painful death (click here). Initial treatment at a government hospital left the wound intact and gangrenous and Shamim Bibi (48 yrs...

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Innocent Christian man who lost eye in violent attack by Muslims cleared of false charges of violence

An innocent Christian man who was violently attacked by Muslims  till unconscious and woke hours later in hospital blinded by the attack, has won a two year year battle to clear his name of false allegations of violence. He has also forced the Muslim attacker to pay a substantial amount of compensation thanks to the help of British Asian Christian Association. Vikram Alvin (27 yrs) was a second year chemical engineering student at  Karachi University a very prestigious establishment, when the attack took place on 18th August 2018 (click here).  The family had been abused for month after they had moved into a 100% Muslim area from...

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Karachi floods; worst in 89 years leave Christian families destitute.

Flash floods in Karachi caused by unprecedented monsoon rains have engulfed large parts of Pakistan’s financial capital, forcing many businesses, shops and markets to shut down.  Pakistan has not experienced floods this intense  since 2010 and Chief Minister of the Sindh, said: "T he weather office recorded a total of 345 millimeters of rain in August so far, breaking the previous record of 298 millimeters in the month" The rain started on the 25th August but the heaviest rainfall was on the 27th and heavy downpour remained for 2 more days. Our emergency team has visit homes in the Karachi area and nearby villages in rural Sindh to se...

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