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Sodomized Christian man has pressurized air pumped through his body rupturing his intestines and rectum leading to slow painful death

Image Shehzad Masih (RIP)A  35 year old Christian labourer known to be a hard worker has been killed by two Muslim men who burst his intestines by inserting high pressure air into his Anus.  It is believed that before he died Shehzad Masih was gang-raped by the two Muslim men.The brutal use of high pressure air in such sickening fashion is belived to be have been an attempt to hide the sexual offence the men committed. A Christian man was brutally brutally murdered by three Muslim coworkers in Pakistan who inserted a pressurized air nozzle into his anus after they had first sodomised him.  It is believed that the men may have inserted the air noz...

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Mother and son shot dead for hatred of dirty Christians.

Image:  Survivors of the gun attack. Incited by religious hatred and Islamist fundamentalism, a Muslim neighbour mercilessly shot a mother and her son in Kathor Kalan village, Gujranwala Pakistan. As they were shot dead the murderers called them kaffir (derogatory name for non-Muslims) and shouted out Choora (derogatory word meaning dirty Christians). The dispute was a long-running feud over the fact that sewage water from the Christian home passed by a Muslim Shrine. A situation that the Christian family were not responsible for.The murder scene. On Monday, November 9th, a ...

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Judicial farce: Murderers of Christian man regularly fail to attend Pakistani court and judge simply postpones hearings

Ghafoor Masih and his wife fight for justice. Saleem Masih (22 yrs) was beaten to death for rinsing himself off in the tube well of Muslim land owners in Choonia District, Kasur. It should be noted that many Muslim men have been permitted to rinse themselves off in the well for many years, however it was the fact that a ‘ritually unclean’ Christian dared to use the well in this fashion that led to his murder. Read more (here) British Asian Christian Association have been paying for a solicitor to help Ghafoor Masih (56 years) father of Saleem Masih get justice. But have been facing intolerable delays (well in any other country) due to an intent...

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