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Thanks to BACA a man has been arrested for involvement in 16 year old Muqadas's abduction rape and forced Islamic marriage

A 16 year old Christian girl was forcibly abducted from her own home by three gunmen resulting in serious injuries to her grandmother who was thrown against a door when she tried to stop the abductors enacting the crime.  The whole incident was seen by a village of witnesses who ran out of their homes to see what was causing loud shrill screaming by the younger sister of Muqadas.  Though initially police at Peer Mahal Police Station took no interest in the abduction and advised the parents of Muqadas to go home, telling them they expected the matter to resolved within a few days, they later registered the crime aft...

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I know the hatred that Christians will now face in Afghanistan says UK-based Afghan Christian

Image of tearful woman escaping Kandahar with a few possessions after fall to Taliban. Some of you will remember how in 2018 we helped Jay an Afghan Christian escape the dangerous persecution he faced in Kent when the Muslim community discovered his apostacy (quitting of Islam).  We helped him move to a place far away from where he had lived and with the help of Nissar Hussain another Ex-Muslim (click here) we had a relocated, were able to re-establish a new life for him free of danger amongst a supportive church network. Jay has continued his attendance at church at his new location and is an ardent believer who believes God is developing ...

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BACA food parcels continue to prevent starvation amongst Thailand's Pak-Christian community

With the help of some timely food parcels British Asian Christian Association, have been able to prevent the starvation of numerous Pak-Christian Asylum seekers in Bangkok, Thailand.  While the UK has ended it's lockdown citizens of Thailand await a further few weeks before their 2nd Lockdown is to be lifted. When a lockdown was declared on 20th July 2021, the Royal Thai Government confirmed that it would not be a nationwide lockdown but one restricted to the 29 most affected provinces till mid-August.  However on 16th August with over 21,000 new cases being raised every day the partial lockdown was extended to the end ...

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Hope for a Nayya (new) Pakistan rises as a Muslim nurse challenges abysmal treatment of Nurse Tabeeta who was attacked by colleagues after a false accusation of blasphemy!

Tabeeta Gill, a Pakistani Christian nurse and a Gospel singer, was falsely accused of having committed blasphemy on 28th January 2020.  We reported full details of this in a previous article which you can read (here). Tabeeta was tortured: slapped, beaten with clubs and dragged from the third floor of the hospital to the ground floor. An abortive attempt was made to burn her to death.  However after surviving a few nurses close to her spoke up for her and with their help and other NGO's she was able to extricate herself from police custody and she has now fled the country.   Though a clamour arose from Christian group...

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Christian nurses forced to work continuously in COVID-19 ward accused of blasphemy when she resisted on basis that burden should be shared with Muslims

Two nurses of District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ) were arrested under the notorious blasphemy law of Pakistan despite being involved in the countries COVID-19 response. On 9th April 2021, an application was filed with the local police authority against Mariyam Laal, charge nurse and Nevish Arooj a third year student of nursing accusing them of committing blasphemy.  It was said that they had removed a [bacteria-infested] sticker with sacred inscription in Arabic, from a cupboard they were asked to clean in a psychiatric ward. During a gathering of scores of enraged staff and onlookers in the hospital (9th April), Muhammad Waqar, a wo...

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16 year old Christian girl wrenched from the safety of her home by Muslim gun gang, in sight of shocked onlookers and later forced into Islamic Marriage

A 16 year old Christian girl was forcibly abducted from her own home by an armed gang of Muslim men who entered their house by kicking in her door during daylight hours before numerous witnesses.The men then seriously injured the 75 year old grandmother of the young girl, after she tried to intervene to save her granddaughter. At around 11.30 am, Monday, 9th August, Muqadas Nadeem Masih (16 yrs)  from Shorkot, Jhang, was abducted from her home in front of her family and other villagers by Muhammad Azeem Malik and two burly cohorts, all armed with pistols. At the time Muqadass and her younger sister were working on household chores with th...

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Two years after rape of 6 year old Christian trial begins in earnest

After a Christian girl of only six years was beaten and raped after being forcibly taken to the home of a Muslim man in broad daylight in September 2019, BACA stepped in to help- read more (here). We provided a solicitor and began the legal procedure to get justice, however the perpetrator Mr Muhammed Waqas and his cohorts began threatening the Christian parents with violence, further rape of Tabitha and their other daughters and financial ruin if they proceeded with a legal case against paedophile Muhammad Waqas (18 yrs). The intimidation towards the family heightened after the rapist was bailed despite clear evidence of his crime and BACA ma...

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Hindu boy of 8 years becomes youngest ever blasphemy arrest and faces potential 10 year sentence

A Hindu enclave in a village called Bhong, was attacked and warned of more severe attacks by a mob of Muslims incensed by allegations that an 8 year old child had urinated in a Muslim cemetery. Around 10 am, on 24th July,  Bhavish Kumar Meghwar a young Hindu child accidentally entered the grounds of Dar-Ul-Aloom Arabia Taleem Ul-Quran Bhong Sharif, which is a madrassa (seminary of Islam). The Imam responsible for the madrassa, Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim noticed the young Hindu boy in the yard and started abusing and reprimanding him as he set out to grab the terrified child. Totally confused and afraid, the boy urinated through fear and manage...

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