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Protestors converge at 10 Downing Street to oppose Taliban oppression in Afghanistan

An anti-Taliban oppression rally outside 10 Downing Street was attended by diverse people from a multitude of faiths and no faith on Saturday 18th September 2021. A Muslim-led anti-Taliban rally outside 10 Downing Street was attended by diverse people from a multitude of faiths and no faith on Saturday, 18th September 2021. Please sign our petition (click here) The event was organised by the Muslim Education Centre of Oxford headed by Imam Dr Taj Hargey. He said: "In common with many British Muslims, MECO (Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford) – a progressive and forward-looking community organisation – is ...

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Asian Christians to support anti-taliban protest in unity with concerned Muslims

An anti-Taliban oppression protest has been arranged for Saturday, by the Muslim Education Council of Oxford led by the courageous and much loved Imam Dr Taj Hargey a long-term friend of the British Asian Christian Association, who has collaborated with us on many of our protests. Hannah Chowdhry (17 yrs) a spokesperson for the British Asian Christian Association, will be speaking at the event and will be desire for women in Afghanistan to share the same freedoms as women her in the UK.  She will also be calling for protection of the thousands of Christians of Afghanistan who live in fear and anxiety, knowing full well that their faith is anat...

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Christian girl of 10 years beaten over head with stone and then carried into barn where she was raped by local Muslim teenager

A Christian girl of only 10 years of age has been savagely raped by a local Muslim boy of only 18 years of age after he first beat her on the head with a large heavy stone. Aleeza Younis was later left bleeding on a street corner where she was found by her father and some other locals who were out looking for her. On 2nd September, around 5:00 pm, Zareena Bibi (55 yrs) asked her granddaughter Aleeza Younis to go to the local pharmacist a Dr Noel. She asked for Aleeza to simply check if it was open. Zareena required a medical assessment and a prescription for some medicine and was hoping to visit if the pharmacy was still open. The pharmacy was close to the ...

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Hopes for acquittal for Pakistan's youngest blasphemy prisoner dashed by yet another lawyers strike and holidaymaking Judge! In the meanwhile threats to his life increase!

We have regularly informed you about the case of Nabeel Masih who was only 16 years old, when he was accused of blasphemy after someone shared an image of the Kabba (Muslim holy shrine in Mecca) with a pigs head on it, on his Facebook page.  Nabeel Masih was entirely innocent but in the furore that arose after Muslim friends accused him of shaming Islam resulted in him almost being lynched, his father being beaten up and almost killed by Police officers during a brutal interrogation, leading to Nabeel giving himself up to save his father.   After two years of mistakes by other charities involved in helping Nabeel, he came to for...

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