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Chack No. 59 The true Horrors


Shamim Visits the brothers of Shahzad Masih

By R. Jones Researcher for the BPCA working with Shamim Masih - a full account and update provided by the family we will visible on this blog tomorrow.:

The Fire is still burning at Yousef Gujjar Bricks Company in Chack no. 59,after a young married Christian couple were dragged from their home and savagely beaten, inhumanly stripped in front of a vicious mob of over 1,200 and tossed into the brick kiln alive, like discarded rubbish after being accused of blasphemy In Pakistan.

Shama Bibi, 24, who was 5 months pregnant and husband Shahzad (Sijiad) Masih 26, wanted to be free of the enslavement of labor bondage, in which the owner demanded an inexplicable amount for their release, knowing that the couple would be unable to meet his demands. Like the other fifty families living and working on Yousaf Guijar Brick Company in Chack no.59, all Shama and Shahzad wanted was a better life and future for their growing family.

Shamim offers Shahzad and Shama's eldest child a personal gift in what he described as a moving experience.

Ultimately Shama and Shahzad paid a heavy price for the freedom that they so desperately tried to seek and were persecuted for their alleged religious crimes and became targets for an angry mob that accused them of desecrating a copy of the Koran. It is believed that locals spotted Arabic verses among the ashes and spread the rumor that she had burned a copy of the Koran.

The mob decided to make an example of the couple penetrating fear, panic and chaos when they beat them within an inch of their life and then burnt them alive.  The eldest son of the couple has since revealed how he watched his mothers body twitch as she was roasted in the furnace of the brick kiln.  The attack sent waves of shock spiralling through the small minority of Christians, forcing them to flee the horrors of Chack no.59. Iqbal Masih, Shahbaz Masih and Saleem Masih, the three brothers of Shahzad are amongst the 30 members of 4 Christian families that have been given no choice but to leave, for fear of their own lives, but in search for a better life away from the horrors of Chack no.5.

Personal graffiti messages remember the slain Christian couple.

Sohail Johnson, Chairman of Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan (SLMP) said,This is not the end, not only these Christian families are displaced, there are ten Christian families living in the same village and are under extreme threat. We are planning to provide shelter to directly affected families.”

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif visited the family of the deceased Christian couple and announced a compensation of 5 million Rupees, which is a measly 51,727 British Pounds Sterling.  I was perplexed at the actual price that was put on human lives, the family was also compensated 10 acres of land, like that will ease the suffering of Shama and Shahzad’s family, especially their young children, who are never going to grow up with their mother and father, they have had their family torn apart. This promised compensation as small as it is, may never come to fruition.  Moreover, the family are currently scratching out an existence while they await aid.  Shamim Masih has provided money for the family to buy food and warm clothes.  He has also agreed that the BPCA will cover school expenses for the children and will give access to our benevolent fund, for proven needs for the children.  These children will no doubt become a cash cow for those that are responsible for them and the BPCA will be monitoring their welfare before release of any of our fund.

Shamim lead a candlelight  prayer vigil at the location of the innocent Christian couple's execution.

Shamim Masih, said;

"Before you cover up the travesties of the ignorance and bias of common people, try to improve law and order in Pakistan, Mr. Sharif, make those who have committed evil and injustices accountable for their actions regardless of how much wealth, power or status an individual has.  Give protection to the minorities of the country."

Christians are being butchered and persecuted wherever they are the minority, a clear example is Iraq and Syria. The situation is not that different in Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, or Sudan. The untimely death of Shama and Shahzad has brought to the forefront the repeated proof of Pakistan’s inability to protect minorities. Christians in Pakistan experience murder, rape, forced conversions, church burnings, beatings and more

Pakistan has been witnessing a rising tide of moral policing in recent times with vigilante groups, policing neighborhoods, harassing minorities and running campaigns of calumny against chosen targets. It will continue until the mullahs stop. The maulivis uses the mosque’s loudspeakers to fan the winds of hatred; they do this and keep on doing so because there is no one to stop them. It will not stop until Christians started to teach them the virtues not of passive but active resistance as MQM did in the past.

 Like Philippians 4:13 said, you can do all things, by being consistent in our plight for justice and equality for Shama and Shahzad, and for all those that have been persecuted, let us find strength in Proverbs 3:5-6 and let it direct our steps, finding perseverance and patience in Luke 18:27 that all things are possible. Shama and Shahzad will not give up until you get the justice that you receive, rest in perfect peace

Shamim led a time of prayer with the family of the victims.

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