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Christian soldier's wife subjected to rape and torture while he was protecting Pakistan


Two young Muslim men gang-raped a defenceless Christian woman at her house while her husband Shakil Khan (32 years) a soldier was in Peshawar risking his life, doing his duty in preserving Pakistan's sovereignty and safety.

Asia Mushtaq (30 years) lives at Chak number 292-GB, Rajana, in Toba Tak Singh district. Her husband is employed as a soldier in the Pakistani army based in Khyber Paktunkwa. He is often called to stay away from his home, a fact that caught the attention of two devious young Muslim men.

On the night of the attack Asia was asleep with her two year old daughter Aish Khan, when she was rudely awakened by some rough hands over her body. She opened her eyes to discover that masked men had entered her home and were brandishing a gun before her face, in a threatening manner.

Asia screamed loudly and was beaten and grabbed from behind with hands covering her mouth in an attempt to silence her. For her struggles she was tied to a bed by her wrists and ankles and was brutally raped. After some time she gave up her resistance seeing that no-one was responding to her shrieks for help and the ropes were only cutting into her skin. She was untied and the men commanded her to satisfy there sexual desires or be killed and to see her daughter being killed before her own eyes. In complete fear for the life of her child and her own life and knowing help was non-existent, under this duress Asia capitulated and let herself be subjected to their brutal desires for the next five hours.

The men prevented Asia access to her two year old child Aish Khan who was locked away in an adjoining room. They spat at Asia, beat her and named her a choora (dirty cleaner a derogatory name for Christians) whore. Every time she cried she was slapped in the face and told to smile and tell the men how much she enjoyed their company. Both men took turns in subjecting her to two rapes each after which they told her not to tell anyone on pain of death. After having had their fill they simply left her sobbing on the bed and walked out of the house. When Asia heard the door lock she rushed to Aish Khan and comforted her extremely traumatized child.

Asia Mushtaq, said:

"The men treated me like an animal, telling me I was a worthless Christian but I know my God is a great God. When I screamed they told me that they knew my husband was away and that I was unprotected. They threatened to kill my child if I did not comply with their perverse demands. They said Christian women are all whores and that they would come back and repeat their debauchery if I ever told anyone. I feel so unclean now, but have done nothing wrong. I want these men to be punished and hope the law will protect me."

The following morning Asia Mushtaq went straight to Rajanan Police Station to report the rape ordeal to which she had been subjected.

BPCA can confirm a First Information Report has been registered against two suspected culprits Mohammad Zeeshan and Mohammad Razwan. BPCA have details and a copy of the the report FIR #208/16 which was was registered under Pakistan Penal Code PPC. 376 (2), which states:

" (2) When rape is committed by two or more persons in furtherance of common intention of all, each of such persons shall be punished with death or imprisonment for life."

Shamim Masih our lead reporter has met with Police who confirmed that the two alleged rapists were apprehended on the day of the report from Asia and found to be in possession of a gun that resembled that described by Asia. Station Police Officer (SHO) Farooq Ranjha told BPCA that police are investigating the case and were able to act quickly as the two accused men are known for previous rape crimes against Christian girls but have never been convicted.

Shamim Masih bravely met with the two accused rapists and senior local police officers.

Despite the husband being an officer of the Pakistani Army, the Christian family has already started to receive several threats from members of the family of the accused.

Mohammad Zeeshan and Mohammad Rizwan are sons of Mohammad Arif and Mohammad Farooq who are two extremely wealthy and influential businessmen. The families reside in village Chak Number 291 GB and are threatening extreme violence and death to Asia and her husband if they choose to pursue the charges against the rapists. Thus far the Pakistani Army has offered no assistance to a serving officer who has risked his life for his country.

Asia Mushtaq spoke to the BPCA and has asked for protection against the threats of the wealthy businessmen. Asia spoke of her disappointment at the failure of medical examiners to confirm that forced entry on her person had been committed and asked for an independent examination. Several witnesses have confirmed that the medical examiners had been speaking to senior members of the families of the rapists and have alleged that bribery has taken place.

Shamim Masih, Lead Reporter for the BPCA, said:

"The two culprits have admitted to the police and district magistrates at Toba Tek Singh Court, that they are guilty and were targeting Asia because she was Christian and known to be alone. I have also interviewed the two rapists and they have confirmed their crime to me. It strikes me as bizarre therefore that the medical report confirms that the two men had intercourse several times with the victim, but fails to note any evidence of forced entry."

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the BPCA, said:

"Another woman finds herself a target of the whims of brutal Muslim rapists in Pakistan, in a society that targets its most vulnerable community - Christians. Furthermore, this time a soldier, whose only desire was to serve and protect his country, has found that the majority of his country do not feel the same way about him. Moreover, the army he serves has offered little or no protection despite threats being made against him and his family. It pains me to say this but the complex acts of betrayal leave me feeling that Christians have no place in Pakistan's theocratic society."

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