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Christmas belongs to Jesus


On 27th December BPCA officer Grace Masih visited a Christian Colony known as LDA colony at Walton in Lahore with a sack and a red bobble hat.  Unlike the fictional Santa Claus  however she was not handing out toys but short biblical booklets for children and authentic copies of the Urdu Bible.  On the back of her T-shirt were written the words 'Santa is not real but Jesus is'

The colony consisted of 30-40 Christian homes and Grace has described the great and sincere passion which families showed to her in receiving the special gift of a Holy Bible. This was of course no shock to us as BPCA conducted a similar santa-removal project last year (click here).

Grace gave out Bibles to Christian families without any Bibles at home or to individuals who were without a personal bible and expressed a desire for one. For smaller children accompanying the Christian booklets we also provided Bible verses and a chocolate bar.

The community thanked BPCA for sharing the Gospel in particular Nida Mariam (28 yrs) resident of the colony, said:

"This is the best present I have received for Christmas, I had been praying for a Bible but could not afford one. I will read it every day without fail, I will also read it to my children every day."

Grace distributed 18 Bibles among the residents of LDA Colony and told BPCA  that the response of local people was heartwarming.  She cant wait for the next opportunity to give out the word of God to Pakistan's Christians.

We have only 7 Bibles left within our stocks and need your help to continue our distribution of Bibles within Christian communities where people are eager to receive and read them but cannot afford copies and in sharing the word of God with Muslims. Each Bible costs us £4 and if you can help us by one or more please donate by clicking (here)

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