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Christmas came early as COVID-19 delayed recycled goods arrive en masse


We had sent some packages of recyclable goods that included clothing, toys and stationary.  However sending by ship can be slow but delays were phenomenal this year due to the various COVID-19 lockdown.

The Items that we send help some of the most impoverished families and are collected, sorted, cleaned and distributed by volunteers from All Saints Church In Lahore.  Many of you will recognise your good no doubt and may be wondering where some of the items that you sent are?  That is because since January this year we have been distributing to the Homeless of Redbridge as a priority and then sending on anything that is left to Pakistan. 

As you can clearly see your are quite substantial in size and the gift to Pakistan has been enormous this year.  Our high profile meals for the homeless project has actually resulted in more recyclable donations then ever before and Pakistan has gained from that despite local homeless being given the first priority. 

It costs us £1 per Kg of items we send and if you want to donate to this project to help us make use of no longer wanted items and prevent them being incinerated or kept on landfill sites than donate (here)

We could not add every photo of our distribution, but here are some images:

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