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Dating site for Asian Christians could provide romantic pathway to safe asylum


In response to numerous emails from Indian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Pakistani Christians, the British Pakistani Christian Association has created a new matrimonial website.  'Shaadi4Christians' seeks to change the dynamic of arranged marriages, whilst also creating global links that can stoke more independent romantic relationships leading to wholesome marriages.

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As the No. 1 style of marriage among Christians in Pakistan and Pakistani Christians in Western nations is arranged marriage, Shaadi4Christians.com, which went live in late May, aims to give sons and daughters more insight into who their parents are trying to match them up with. 

The new relationship site is different to other sites in that it also allows for inclusion of churches and church leaders, within personal profiles to enable parents involved in arranged marriages to investigate the background of potential suitors. It can be a worry for parents finding the best candidate for a son or daughter.But unlike other dating and matrimonial sites like Shaadi.com, Shaadi4Christians will also give parents their own access to the site through a separate user account. Through the website, parents can check to make sure that the Christian suitors, especially those in the West, are actually Christians, involved in the church and live a cultural lifestyle that is similar to their own.
Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the BPCA, said that a reoccurring problem for many Christian families from Pakistan, India, and other South Asian countries who have arranged for their sons or daughters to be married to suitors in America, Europe or the United Kingdom through other websites is that they have often been mislead by suitors.

"After marrying vulnerable Christian daughters men prevent communication of their wives with families in their respective homelands and have been known to be extremely brutal.  Many of these men hold a very nominal Christian belief and simply want a wife who is domesticated rather then career-driven and one over whom they can exert control. This site will enable parents to better understand the nature of the suitor."

There’s no rush on Shadi4Christians which provides space and opportunities for you to review site members, contact them and arrange safe meetings. This site represents The best forum for you, your son or daughter to source the right choice with or without help. So work with them to create an easy-to-set up profile and being the dating quest today!

Recognizing the growing desire for 'love marriages' in the Asian subcontinent the site has the full functionality of any western dating site.  Moreover, being part of the entire body of Christ we are encouraging non-Asian Christians to join up too.  Whether your black, white or brown if you are Christian and want to meet up or engage romantically with Asian Christians or vice versa, then this is the matrimonial site for you.

Advice is supplied on how to conduct initial meetings and the site will send regular corporate messages to help inspire a stronger focus on Christian conduct within romantic relationships.

We trust God that thousands of people will login to Shaadi for Christians every day, sending waves and messages, and getting to know each other through the message boards and local meetups.

Shaadi 4 Christians is unique in its approach to engaging with Christians from the South Asian Diaspora. It’s free to join and there is no cost for a basic profile membership.  Upgrading to our full membership will only cost £5.00 per month and profits raised will go towards helping persecuted Christians in Pakistan, Thailand and Malaysia.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the BPCA, said:

"This site was created to help Asian Christians who want preserve their culture and marital traditions, but is also adapted to serve the growing number of Christians of Asian descent who are willing to look outside the cultural box and seek lifelong partners through more romantic mechanisms. One of the advantages of the site is that it could provide a romantic pathway to escape from persecution, bringing hope and love to a real dire situation."

Whatever your reasons for joining Shaadi 4 Christians there can be no denying its usefulness and to encourage people to take the first step and sign up we are offering 6 months free full access to the site.  The free access will begin from 16th June 2016 and end on 16th December 2016. So create an easy-to-set up profile and begin the dating quest today!


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