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Elderly asylum seeker bedridden due to heart attacks and two strokes seeks help


An elderly man who suffered two heart attacks and two strokes whilst seeking asylum in Bangkok is seeking assistance as he can no longer provide for his young family. 

Samson Rehmat (52 yrs) had 2 heart attacks in Pakistan in 2012 and then a further two strokes whilst seeking asylum in Thailand has found himself bedridden, and unable to work.  Samson left Pakistan after he was attacked by Muslims after removing a banner that was attached to his home during Eid so that it could be displayed across the street he lived on.  Samson while redecorating his home, removed the end attached to his home and attached it to a local streetlight.  However this move caused consternation amongst local Muslims who attacked the family and went to local people and registered a crime of blasphemy at the local police station against the family.  After fleeing to a relatives home where they hid till they could escape Pakistan a few months later they landed in Thailand.

Due to his poor health Samson was unable to work as doctors advised that over exertion could trigger further attacks.  His wife Martha Naseem (42 yrs) now works as a maid for a wealthy Thai family to provide for her household that includes 2 daughters Anglina Samson (15 yrs) and Kamil Samson (14 yrs) who are residing with them.

Three months ago Samson's health worsened when he suffered from two strokes which has weakened the left side of his body, he now has impaired speech and has a low appetite.

Samson has been advised that he should have a CT scan which costs 15000 baht (£339) which they cannot afford but this is limiting the local hospital providing effective care for Samson. Every month his medicines cost 5000 baht (£113) which is too much for the family to pay and the family are seeking help with these costs so that Samson no longer has to go without essential treatment.  If you would like to provide some assistance to this family please (click here).  

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