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Exploited asylum seeker suffering from chemical poisoning is desperate to return home for medical treatment


A woman who cleaned birds within a factory setting using a dangerous cleaning fluid, is now complaining of a severe dermatological condition that first caused a rash and pus and has now caused a swelling of veins in her hands and arms with debilitating pain.  Her condition is compounded by her diabetes and high blood  pressure which means often she feels lethargic and has to rest.

Naghma Elizabeth (51 yrs) travelled with her family including husband Tariq Iqbal (53 yrs) and son Sahil Tariq (13 yrs) to Thailand on 20th July 2014.  They fled Pakistan to escape a groups of Muslims in Lahore intent on converting them to Islam who were starting to get violent with the family. 

Naghma is currently taking painkillers, calcium tablets,diabetic medication and the cost of this medication has made it extremely difficult for the family to survive in the harsh exploitative atmosphere of Bangkok. Naghma had to give up work in the factory a year ago, after she started to suffer her dermatological pains and her husband is earning a pittance, labouring in a hotel.  Initially with both incomes through the illegal work they were undertaking they could afford their rent and general living expenses, but for the last year they have been dependent on hand-outs from local NGO's, local churches and friends and family. 

The regular cost for Naghma's medication is 1000 baht £23 per month and the family pay a monthly rent of 3,500 baht (£80) per month for a dingy room in the backstreets of a deprived suburb of Bangkok. 

The family is on appeal with the UNHCR after their original application was rejected.  However due to the increasing severity of the pain that Naghma is suffering she is asking for help to return to Pakistan.  The family have decided to return back to Pakistan because they are desperate to get professional treatment for Naghma and to get their son Sahil back into the education system as he has already missed 3.5 years of essential learning.  Flights for each member of the family will cost £450 per person, however the family will have to pay an extortionate 20,000 baht (£450) fine to the Thai Government before they can fly back to Pakistan, so this money will also have to be raised. If you would like to help 

BPCA have agreed to keep the family in our safe house and to help them reintegrate into a new area far from where they were initially persecuted.  Although this is not an ideal situation it means that Naghma has the opportunity to get some treatment for her ongoing painful hands and her son will have a chance to start his learning all over.

Naghma, spoke with Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the BPCA, she said:

"I can't take this pain anymore it is excruciating and has made me a useless wife and mother.  I want God to restore these hands that served Him and my family diligently  for so many years.  

"I have seen my son miss school for so long and taught him the little I know to fill the gap in his learning.  But every time I think of his wasted talent it makes me cry with the deepest of sorrow.

"We fled Pakistan with hope of escaping Islamic persecution, but all we received is Buddhist  persecution.  The Christian brothers and sisters we wanted to join do not want us, so we must return to our former pain and sorrow.  We will do this with dignity if given the opportunity to escape this second hell for the one we know."

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