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Faith Makes a Difference in Brick Kiln Communities


Leighton Medley our BPCA Outreach Minister has returned to Pakistan to reach new communities with the true Gospel of Christ and to continue the discipling those who have been already been reached through our previous campaigns. Leighton's remit for this work is quite simple, he is to bolster the faith of Christians who have little access to regular church services setting up bible study leaders who will one day become ministers of the Gospel in rural communities, he is to bring revival and better understanding to Christian churches in Pakistan many of which have adopted a very legalistic theology and have forgotten the need for repentance, faith in Christ and the need to place our trust in Him. Leighton has also been reaching out to Muslims and we hope that soon his work will provide a dividend by bringing others to the family of God.

Leighton has been having great success with many believers expressing revival, churchgoers committing their lives to Christ, and Muslims taking an interest in the Gospel though yet to commit to Christ. We hope with further donations to make Leighton's role a permanent one in two years time. For this we will need the help and support of those who was to see Christ's gospel flourishing in Pakistan and seek you help to finance this important ministry. One of our costs is the purchase of bibles at £4 each. If you would like to help please donate by clicking (here).

This report highlighting Leighton's visit to two brick kiln communities: Kasur, where the school is to be built; and in Bala , where meetings were held to support existing church leadership and the encouraging results of audio Bibles in the life of believers became apparent. Brother Leighton's report is as follows:

On the 9th we visited the premises where the school will be built in Kasur. Progress has been made, what with foundations being laid now for the walks to be built. We conducted a short prayer with Miss Grace, and visited the local brick kiln community. These people are the poorest of the poor, they have nothing of value and are living in Dickensian squalor whilst raising a family. The school will be a great addition to these communities, who will finally have a chance to escape their poverty. 

Soon after we moved on to Bala, another impoverished brick kiln community, to conduct a meeting there. Unfortunately darkness set in very quickly and we forced to conduct the service in the dark. The sermon I chose to preach was on Kingdom Growth, the parable of the mustard seed. The focus being on how the church from small beginnings became the huge movement it has become, with millions of believers around the world.

I encouraged them, that although they are a small minority in a Muslim country, they too can make a difference, it only takes faith. Miss Grace translated well and the message was understood by those listening. It was disappointing that again as seen before, the men were reluctant to come, and this was illustrated amply by me having to ask for the fathers attendance when praying for his son.

There is a tendency in these communities, that if people behave badly, then it must be down to the devil, not human sin.  The truth is, we are accountable for our actions or lack of and I explained to the boys father that he needed more coaching and some responsibility to give him focus. He told me he had an audio bible and that this was useful, though some of the community were still to receive one. I think we can fulfill this need quickly enough, but I believe we need to do more to support the Pastor here, who is not after money, but only wants to preach the Gospel. He has 8-10 communities to look after which is probably too much for one person to carry. I have suggested a family seminar in March for the brick kiln communities and this is something we will explore with the local Pastor. 

We were given excellent food which was well received and very tasty, while we had fellowship with those of the community. This was a good meeting, where we can see relationships being built, leading to good results. This needs to be continued going forward, as we seek to empower and equip these Christians in being not just able to live their faith, but to defend it and effect the environment around them in a more positive way. Alleluia praise the Lord.

Brother Leighton


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