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Asylum Seeker shot five times cannot prove he is escaping persecution!


By Rev Angleena

The John family are committed Christians attending a Catholic Church in Negombo.

The family claim that one of the sons Adan was employed at a private hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. He was a caretaker for patients, he had been assigned to take care of a gunshot wound patient. Once the patient was released he was asked to continue to care for him even at the female doctors home.

The family allege the doctor was a member of the Islamic militant group called Lashare E Jangevi. Adnan witnessed many incidents whilst there and was asked to join the militant group and convert to Islam. He refused.

On one occasion when he accompanied his patient to hospital for a check-up they came under gun-fire from unknown men. His parents advised him not to return to work and as a result he lost his job.

The family claim that the doctor became furious because of his decision to quit work and she began threatening both Adnan and his family, because he knew too many hospital secrets, spurned her intentions for marriage and knew about her connection to the extremist group. She made a complaint to the police claiming Adan tried to rape her. He was arrested and a criminal case filed against him. She never appeared during the trial and the case was dismissed and he was released.

On his release an unknown group fired at him and those with him but they escaped injury. Their parish priest recommended he leave for Sri Lanka as his life was in danger. Adnan John left for Sri Lanka on 11th March 2012.

After he left the family continued to be harassed by those looking for Adnan on January 16th two armed men arrived at his family home and threatened his Mother.  They told the mother that they intended to rape the two daughters and would kill them all under blasphemy law. The family were informed they had a week to Iet them know where Adnan was.

On 22nd January the armed men returned and opened fire on Adnan's brother Sylvester and his Uncle once they knew they ascertained that the men were related to Adnan. The uncle who was the cousin of Adan's mother was killed and Sylvester received five bullet wounds and was admitted into a local hospital. The parish priest again told the family they were not safe and assisted them in leaving Pakistan for Sri Lanka on 31st July 2013.

Rev Angleena, said:

"I have seen the photos and medical reports and x rays of Sylvester and newspaper clipping of the death of the uncle. The family are known to me and been receiving pastoral support from me since last August."

Their application was refused on the 1st August 2013 the reason given was:

Adnan has been held in Sri Lanka's detention centre since 11th September 2014.

Wilson Chowdhry met Adnan after permission to leave the detention centre was granted for Christmas.

On the 24th April 2015 his appeal to the UNHCR was again negative stating:

'Substantial inconsistencies in information given'

'Information provided not convincing'

Had opportunity to address these points in appeal but failed to give reasonable explanation for the problems identified.

His Mothers application was also rejected on 24th April 2015 reasons given serious credibility following aspects of case

that Dr Hina Iqbal proposed to her son Adnan (Impossible to prove as this was a spoken word) 
That Dr Hina was affiliated with Lashkar E Jhangvi (Impossible to prove as she was very secretive about the association)
That Adnan stopped working for Dr Hina his after his car was shot at (The dates match but no other evidence)
That the FIR was filed by Dr Hina against Adnan (Police will not give a copy)
That Adnan was arrested in October 2011 (Police refuse to give evidence)
That Lashkar E Jhangvi threatened her and her daughters on 16th January 2013 (No physical evidence)
That Lashkar E Jhangvi attacked your son and cousin on 22nd January 2013 (Bullet wounds and hospital report is not enough evidence)

Letter dated July 30th 2013 from Fr Saleh Diego national Commission for Justice and Peace states that Mr Sylvester John and his brother Adnan claimed to be targeted by religious extremists in January 2012. Adnan left Pakistan on 11th March 2012. Sylvester was targeted and received 5 bullet wounds and was treated in hospital. Since the attack the family were constantly being threatened. The families lives were in danger which is why they came to Sri Lanka.

The family consists of;

Sylvester John arrived in Sri Lanka 31st July 2013. 
Mrs Naseen John. (mother of Sylvester) arrived Sri Lanka 31st July 2013. 
Mr Perez John. (father of Sylvester). 3rd January 2014. 
Hina Milword (Sylvester sister). Arrived 18th July. 20113. 
Shahid Keshwan Milword (Her son 7 years). 18th July 2013
Nida John. (Sylvester sister). 31st July 2013 
Adnan John. (Sylvester brother). Arrived 11th March 2012. In detention centre Sri Lanka since 11th September 2014.  
Mrs Tehmina Naz. (Wife of Adnan). 3rd January. 2014. 
Minaule Adnan John (daughter of Adnand). Born in Sri Lanka 
Nobility Zain John (Sylvester brother). Arrived 31st July 2013 
Prince Joseph (Sylvester uncle) arrived 18th July 2013 

Rev Angleena, called for help, she said:

"The family have no chance of appeal and their lives will definitely be in danger should they be returned to Pakistan. I would therefore implore if any help can be given to this family and sponsorship in another country. "

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said:

"Paucity of evidence is not a surprise to the BPCA.  In our opinion when you flee a country seeking refuge the last thing you want to do is go to local police for evidence of your imprisonment and few people video every moment of their lives."

"Sadly despite increasing evidence of the hatred meted out towards Christians in Pakistan, most western nations ignore their plight.

This has meant thousands are stranded in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Sr Lanka where visa restrictions are more lax and tourism visas are notably inexpensive.

"For this victims life has a constant threat of capture and detainment and they are vigorously exploited working for almost nothing just to get some food on their table."

BPCA has been helping this and several families with a regular monthly contribution of £250, however the funds provided by a kindly donor end this month.  If we are to continue this aid we require regular contributors to meet this need if you feel led by God to assist you can initiate your help by clicking (here)

Rev Angleena met with Wilson Chowdhry during a visit in December last year.

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